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pok3rplaya plays poker again. Irish open 2/5 hands

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    pok3rplaya plays poker again. Irish open 2/5 hands

    Hand 1

    Eight handed. Someone limps in UTG. I make it €30 with XX in UTG+1 . A youngish English guy who has recently tripped up in a pretty standard AA vs. AKs vs. AQs all-in preflop hand flats on my left. He has been very nitty in the two hours I've played with him at this point. A fishy blind flats and the limper calls.

    Flop: KT5

    Check, check, I bet €90 into €125. Young English guy flats and the other two fold.

    Turn: 2

    I bet €200 into €300. He calls again.

    River: 6. The pot is €700. We have €1k behind.

    I'm concerned about the size of my value range vs. bluffing range here. The perceived width of my cbetting range on that flop into 3 callers is probably important since it has an impact on how much air I can get to the river with.

    What's the worst hand you value bet the river with and how much do you bet?
    What unmade hands are in your range on the river?

    Hand 2

    This one is here mostly just because it's fun.

    Eight handed. I open 67o in the seat before the CO or something. A different young English guy who has literally just come to the table with €500 calls from the blinds. We'd played together early in the morning on the previous night when I had like a €4k stack. He knows I'm not scared money or anything. He seems comfortable at the table. Probably not afraid to get splashy.

    Flop: 6 K 8 Pot: €50

    He checks, I bet €35, he calls.

    Turn: Q Pot: €120
    He donks €100. I call because wtf.

    River: 2 Pot: €320
    He shoves €370 really fast. I...?

    I'll leave the first one to a more qualified person but the second one I fold my 6 to his 8 lol to the two young guns
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      Interesting hands that probably deserve good discussion. Ignore me as I haven't played in a while but:


      You've left out how you've been playing in your time at the table.

      My range would have been extremely polarised in spots like this. I'd have checked a King on a turn like that for example. As a result, you can argue that the correct play would be to value bet some very edgy holdings you may have for €400 as he may have felt obliged to hang in there with any old pocket pair, etc. But it works both ways, as he'd probably view AK = 99 in a spot like this.

      But that assumes he views you as being 'standard' in a spot like this and having a polarised range. If you've been mixing it up well to this point it changes obviously and I couldn't really comment.


      I always used to convince myself he had one of the two main draws that were there on the flop and missed and call in spots like this. It's probably why I wasn't very good!

      Interesting hands to think about though, thanks for posting them.
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        Hand 1:
        Originally posted by pok3rplaya View Post
        Hand 1
        What's the worst hand you value bet the river with and how much do you bet?
        KJ €400
        What unmade hands are in your range on the river?
        JQo, AcJc or AcQc.
        Tough hand and in a bad spot OOP to a nitty player. Could be calling us light enough tho with A10, JJ or QQ and he finds the river call with those. AK should be getting 3bet preflop so KQ and sets the other hands he should show up with.

        Hand 2:
        Don't think I'm there on the river after the turn donk without a read. Decision should be made on turn if we'll call a brick river if he bets again. If we think he's full of it on the turn then we're forced to call the shove.

        Just my opinions and very possible I'm miles off.


          With hand 2, I'd ask myself what is he representing with this donk lead? It's likely a sneakily played king or more basically, a queen. If he likes to get frisky, you could factor in AJ and JT too. Against that range, you're 17%:83%. Against just the kings and queens, you have 5 outs for 9%. You're getting 2.2 to 1, so it's up to you if you want to gamble.

          On the river, you're getting 1.87 to one so you have to decide if you're gonna be right here 47%.

          I'd have folded the turn. We're likely behind, there are lots of scary river cards and some of our outs might not even be live. But, hey, I'm a tournament nit.

          I do agree with NuckChorris that if you call the turn, you have to call that brick river. Because mathematically, if you call the turn, you're assuming your ahead. I'm assuming this because you're not getting the right price to draw. The 2 changed nothing so your hand is the same. However, if you called the turn to hit an 6 or 7, you shouldn't have called the turn.


            Are we betting A10 in 1?


              For H1:

              If a guy is English, I am assuming he is over grinding for the week or at least competent. You also state he has played very tight for 2 hours

              I probably value cut myself here betting about 250 with KQ. If he shows up with worse I assume its because he picked up clubs with Aj/AQ ott.

              I just think he is never very light on the river, and if you somehow got there light, I would give it up.


                KQ is an easy bet, we whiff with so much of our broadways/bdfds that he has to call.


                  Hand 2 is 10sJs imo. Call.