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    This forum and it's sub-forums are dedicated to poker and all its variants - both online and in the flesh. Please remain on topic and be civil to other members.

    Golden Rule

    "Don't be a dick!" So play nice, be nice to new posters looking for help starting out. Being obnoxious or abusive to others can lead to censure. Banter among peers in appropriate places is fine, abuse is not.

    * No spamming (unsolicited advertising), shilling (advocating something you pretend to have no connection to, but actually do) or trolling (inflaming comments designed to cause argument).

    * No re-registering to get around a forum ban.

    * No discussion of where to source illegally copied movies/games/music, etc.

    Any breaches of these rules can result in a complete site ban depending on the rule breach.

    Poker forum specific rules:-

    1. Do not create or post in off topic threads. These threads will be deleted or merged with the Bad beats, Boasts and Venting sticky provided without notice (see also rule #2).

    2. Bad Beat stories/ Boasts/ unfounded gossip/ claims that online poker is fixed/ off topic posts/ etc. should be posted in the Bad beats, Boasts and Venting sticky provided. Any threads created about such topics will be merged with this sticky.

    3. Outbursts of personal abuse/racism/hissy fits/sarcastic jibes/newbie bashing etc. will not be tolerated (see Golden Rule above!). These posts will be deleted.

    4. There is no discussion of where to source Rakeback allowed. Should a general thread on rakeback appear, it should not be used to pimp yourself as an affiliate or your site in general, but genuine generic advice is encouraged. The use of your sig to request or advertise rakeback is allowed (within the confines of rule #12 below). Any Threads asking for rakeback will be locked or deleted.

    5. Threads relating to Live Events should be posted in the "Real-World Tournaments and Events" Forum. Threads advertising Events (no matter how disguised) posted in the main forum and/or not following the correct structure as outlined in the Poker Event Guidelines sticky will be deleted without notice. *

    6. Threads relating to staking / online tourney discussion / sweating are to be posted in the "Online Tournaments" Forum. *

    7. Please post Hand Histories / Theory discussions related to Hold'em in the "Holdem HH's & Theory" Forum

    8. Please post Hand Histories / Theory discussion around Omaha or other poker variants in the "Omaha, Variants HH's & Theory" Forum

    9 Please post any rules questions or discussions in the "Rules and Rulings" forum.

    10. If you have any issue with a post in these forums then report it to a Moderator. DO NOT post and get involved.

    11. Text speak is not allowed. It makes posts hard to read and is annoying. Someone doing this constantly will be warned and if this warning is not heeded, you will be banned temporarily and longer if necessary.

    12. Advertising in Sigs - One link. (this obviously only applies to commerical sites not to people who want to link blogs, put in quotes etc. This applies to site advertsing). More on this in the Tournament sub forum and here.

    13. From now on there is to be no sharing of passwords for online tournaments unless done so by the organisers of the tournament. This includes asking for passwords to tournaments

    NOTE: Any poster who it is deemed by the moderators to be making trouble without breaking any specific rule can also be banned at a moderators discretion.

    NOTE: Consistent infringement of the above rules will result in a longer ban than the norm for the offense than would apply to a less frequent offender.

    If you are banned and wish to appeal, PM the relevant admin/moderator or any of the below.

    You can also contact any of the below if you have a query:

    Phantom Lord
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