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How to Deal with Gambling Addiction

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    How to Deal with Gambling Addiction

    Playing casinos online has become the most popular way of gambling since the whole pandemic situation. It allows gamers all over the world to keep safely doing their hobby.

    However, this activity can be addictive due to many reasons, and it is crucial to be aware of the addiction signs. I have collected info on this topic.

    Gambling Addiction: Reasons

    All people are different, and the reasons they get addicted to something are different as well. However, there is a set of issues that can stimulate unhealthy gambling behaviour:
    1. Inner personal motives. The person wants to showcase the leadership and dominance above other gamblers. Winning can provide the essential need of satisfaction, when in real life, there are mostly failures and disappointments. Low self-esteem and depression lead to gamble addiction, as well.
    2. Family issues. This might include childhood fears and traumas, which can make the person receptive to excessive gambling.
    3. Economic and world situation factors. The unstable situation in the world and its consequences might scare the person. Also, due to pandemic, people are forced to sit at home, they might lose jobs of other sources of income. That is when gambler start to consider casinos as a source of easy money and keep playing until reaching its goal. This is when the fun stops, and the obsession begins.
    4. Other reasons. The general availability of casinos, their legal status in some countries, and a lot of commercials and ads encourage gambling.

    Gambling Addiction: Consequences
    • Financial problems and debts.
    • Family and friends issues.
    • Health and mental problems.
    • Stress, instability and suicidal thoughts.

    Gambling Addiction: Checklist

    If you wonder whether you are addicted to gambling, here is a list of potential signs. If you have five or more, it is a wakeup call.
    • Uncontrollable need to play;
    • Chronic problems with sleep, insomnia;
    • Feel of anxiety and irritability, depressions when not playing;
    • Obsession with the goal to win;
    • Uncontrollable gambling;
    • Unable to stop playing even despite physical, psychological, and financial problems;
    • Growing health and mental issues;
    • All your savings and income are used for gambling;
    • You consider criminal ways of earning extra money;
    • Unsatisfaction and remorse after playing.

    Treat Your Addiction: 5 Steps
    1. Research the problem. Define the reasons and sources of your addiction and desire to play.
    2. Start treating your gambling addiction with professionals. Ask the special medical and psychological centres for help.
    3. Find friendly understanding support. Join support groups.
    4. Manage your debts. Get professional advice or charity help.
    5. Quit playing. Exclude yourself from gambling via GamStop scheme or similar.

    I have collected information about the help centres for Ireland players with gambling problems. You can find out more and get their contacts in my article.

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