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Selling % Sticky - Updated on 11/12/12 - Please Read

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    Selling % Sticky - Updated on 11/12/12 - Please Read

    • If you are a new poster, don't bother starting a thread selling %. It will be locked/deleted unless a respected member of IPB can't vouch for you.

    • In the Thread Title, please include the % you are trying to sell, and the event which you are playing.

    • IPB accept no resposibilty whatsover for any monies that change, or don't change hands when selling %. It's up to each person to understand the risks involved in buying/selling %. You can use the site as a platform, but it's 100% your decision if and who you buy/sell % from/to.

      Please fill out the following charter in the OP when beginning a thread

      1. Name :
      2. Event :
      3. Entry fee :
      4. Percentage looking to sell :
      5. Cost per % :
      6. Any Mark Up :
      7. Hendon Mob Profile :
      8. Means of money transfer :
      9. Any other info :
      10. Steps to confirm sale:

      On point 10 above, if the person selling % needs to have confirmation on thread of monies sent and received prior to event then state so on thread of sale using optional point 10. At the end of the day this is at the risk of both parties to a certain extent, and while we are happy to facilitate % sale threads, we cannot enforce a set procedure for either party. We do not want a system open to abuse by either the buyer or the seller, but ideally confirmation of sending and receiving should be given.
    • Any info or links to big events played previously or staked into will go a long way to helping sell % so provide as much as you can.

      If you need any help changing/updated a thread, just let a mod know.

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    Updated on 11/12/12 to add point 10.