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Irish Open Package - Andrew Dooley

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    Irish Open Package - Andrew Dooley

    1. Name: Andrew Dooley
    2. Events:
    Irish Open Main (€1,150) (Day 1B)(Thursday)
    Irish Open Main (€1,150) (Day 1C)(Friday)
    JP Masters Main (€550)
    3. Total Entry fee: €2,850
    4. Percentage looking to sell: 35%
    5. Cost per %: €33.60
    6. Any Mark Up: 1.18
    7. Hendon Mob Profile:
    8. Means of money transfer: Revolut and Bank Transfer preferred or Cash at event.
    9. Steps to confirm sale: I'll confirm here when cash is received.
    10. Online Results:

    Small sample but my live stats are as follows:
    - Cashed 16/60 tournaments.
    - Buy-ins total of €23,500
    - Total cashes of €112,000.

    I hopefully won't need to use all entries but selling for 2 bullets in the main and if I bust these before Saturday I'll reg the JP Masters. All unused bullets will obviously be returned with mark-up.

    Feel free to pm any questions.

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    7% please
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      Shipped via bank trans GL man


        Ill take 3%. Give ya cash out there.



          Thanks Sam and Emmet. 10% also gone via PM so 15% left.


            Will take another 4% please to make it 11% total


              take 5 pls give u cash


                I'll take the rest, 6%?

                Will give you cash at event


                  Other 4% shipped via bank trans for 11% total cheers


                    I'll take 5 please. Send me your number for Revolut please.


                      Sorry for the delay on this. I've only just logged back in.

                      Apologies Sean and Eoghan but Jamie pm'd me before you both reserved so I've to give the last 6% to himself. Anything falls through and you're first on the list but thanks regardless.

                      Final list is:
                      Private PM 10% (Bank)
                      Sam (3%) (Cash)
                      Emmet (11%) Bank)
                      Mo (5%) (Cash)
                      Jamie (6%) (Bank)

                      Thanks a lot,


                        Playing Day 1 B today.

                        Final list is:
                        Private PM 10% (Paid)
                        Sam (3%) (Cash at Citywest)
                        Emmet (11%) (Paid)
                        Mo (5%) (Cash at Citywest)
                        Jamie (6%) (Paid)

                        I’ll update at breaks where possible. Thanks.

                        31k first break on what is a comparatively tough starting table.

                        21k now. Not a great 2 levels. Won very few pots and had to give up quite a bit on bad run outs. One hand of note, I open utg wKK. Good button flats as does bb. On A35r I ch/c vs button small 1/4 pot. Ch/ch on 2. And I ch/c 70% pot to chop on 4 vs 66.

                        34k now on dinner. Great level. Chipped up and made some hands.


                        69k now. Hero called in a spot for most of my stack that I know I should be folding in theory. Villian opens ep vs my mid position flat and bombs all three streets overbetting river on A73h/5h/4c. I convinced myself he was just applying pressure and find the call w78hh and he mucks.

                        51k last level of the night. Lost a 35k pot with 88 on A108r/J vs open, cbet and turn jam of a short stack. He has KQ.

                        Finished the day with 35k. Not a good last level. Likely tightened up a bit too much and got exploited as a result. That said happy to be back Saturday with 30bbs after a full day of a reasonably tough day 1 table.
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                          Back with 35k now for day 2 at 6/1200. Don’t recognize anyone at my table which is a nice change from day 1.

                          Obviously 1 bullet of the main not used yesterday so that will be refunded.

                          Will update this post on breaks.

                          18k. Some utterly bizarre hands played along the way. I’ve been moved to 4 different tables all of which have had some great spots. Will add hands when I get a minute.

                          60k, got there with a flush draw in a three way pot for the triple.

                          Just bust I’m afaid. I’d be lying If I said I made no mistakes along the way today. Hand that did the real damage I open utg KQo to 4.2k off 45k. Sb flats. I bet 4.5k on Q102r. Turn 9 goes ch/ch. River K and I think it’s a clear value spot after he checks. I bet 10k and he snaps river with KJ. Couple hands later and bvb the sb effectively sticks me in for my last 8bbs and I call off A3 vs AK and lose.

                          Hopping into the JP masters now and feeling good all things considered.
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                            Hard luck in the IO main man


                              Bust the JP Masters in about as uneventful a way as possible. On a really great table with 100bb pots every orbit I couldn’t find a hand for 3 hours. Anything I opened went 4/5 ways and I couldn’t make a hand. Exit hand involved me shoving 14bbs from cutoff with QJo and the button makes a loose call with A7o for 1/2 his stack. Disappointed there’s no return but appreciate the buys. I’ll sort out returns for the unused main event bullet this week.