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    Don't Know What I'm Doing

    $33 Tournament on Party Poker, 3k Gtd. Late registered half hour in to it, third hand at table. No reads on anybody.

    I've 49k, blinds 300/600, 300 ante.

    CJ raises to 1500

    Button calls
    sb calls
    Hero raises to 8250 with AQ off
    SB calls everybody else folds

    Flop 10 A 7 rainbow (Pot 19800)

    sb bets 10200, hero calls. sb started hand with 45k

    Turn 4, still rainbow.

    SB shoves, hero?

    Sb weighted to set vs non Ace pair based on pre flop play imo.
    This is one of those hands where you should probably fold but I'm ridiculously out of practice so would likely spew call.
    People say I should be more humble I hope they understand, they don't listen when you mumble
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