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4-bet bluff = awkward river spot

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    4-bet bluff = awkward river spot

    $300 live event, lots of runners and relatively early going (~3 hours in)

    Villain is reg at low-mid stakes tourneys and has been by far most aggressive player at the table thus far; his stack had yo-yo'ed in early levels; hands of potential note include:
    - ep opens, button flats, villain put in big squeeze from SB, short stack in BB jams - folds to villain who sigh calls 1/3 his stack with K4 suited

    - later villain opened mp and I flatted J8ss from BB; I c-raised a 9T6 rainbow flop and jammed a 3 turn - he called with Q6 having turned a flush draw and held...

    200-400 (50)

    Hero (~20k): I open for 850 in lo-jack with KT off-suit

    Cut-off is a fishy player and flats

    Villain (playing ~22k) on button makes it 1950. Villain had been 3-betting small continuously so KT seemed like a nice bluff candidate...

    Hero makes it 4400; Villain thinks for little bit and flats

    237 rainbow; hero c-bets 3300 - figured if I'm repping over pairs a small bet is fine

    Villain: thinks for a while and calls. At this point I thought villain likely had a pair and figured he could be holding on with 55-TT or potentially getting trappy with AA/KK given I had shown a propensity to barrel...

    Turn = Jack; I check; villain checks back

    River = T; I check, villain thinks for a while and bets 5100 (into pot of 15,000)... Hero???

    Seems like the options are shove for value or call, at first I thought it was a clear call but thinking about it now he is going to put you firmly on AK/AQ (until you shove) and I can see him calling you here pretty wide. You also block the jack pretty hard, you block KJ and TJ and a lot of the worse jacks will fold the flop

    I like the plan preflop (but would go a little bit bigger), but I think you should check fold this board, you have the absolute bottom of your range against someone who doesn't like to fold. I'd much rather have 89s with a backdoor flush draw here, no turn card gives you any additional equity.


      I hate calling but hate folding more. You look full of shit if you shove, so it's a sighcall for me.
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        Originally posted by AndyFatBastard View Post
        I hate calling but hate folding more. You look full of shit if you shove, so it's a sighcall for me.
        If we're shoving its for value, I can't see how we are likely to be behind - for him to have an overpair he has to have slowplayed it pre, not bet the turn and bet pretty small on the river. They are all unusual decisions to take with QQ plus

        Interesting hand, what happened?


          Preflop I don't see what this bet really achieves, V this sizing i can't see this opponent folding much if any of his 3 betting range(which is prob pretty wide in this spot) and backed up by his earlier K4s squeeze and call. assuming the player that flatted after you has now folded? villian is getting over 3-1 on the call and has position.

          Therefore postflop he has a lot more hands than just the pairs 55-10. although i would expect to be ahead most of the time on the river i can see this opponent having enough hands that beat us to just call the river, wouldn't be suprised to be shown 2 pair with 10,7s or 10,J or even J,7s may also have some Jx type hands but more unlikley
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            Sizing up the 4-bet seems right in retrospect - but given stack-sizes I did think I had plenty of FE vs. his weaker 3 bets

            The middle guy did fold pre to clarify.

            I sigh-called and was shown QQ so a weird line by villain which got him paid