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    This was my first time playing a live tournament poker in years. I have a few spots I'm curious about. I was always generally short so I didn’t have too many post-flop decisions to make after the first day.

    Top heavy prize pool. 1st gets 22k cash + 30k package.

    10k/20k, 20k Blinds
    I'm new to the table. Playing 7 handed. Short stack with less than 100k is two to my left. Other stacks are about 500k+.
    I had about 420k UTG+1
    UTG huge stack opens 44k. Too soon to have any substantial reads but from his table talk, he seems to play a lot / is up to speed on online poker.
    I have AA

    This is an awkward spot in terms of my range. A 3bet here is so strong. I'm not sure if it ever really makes sense to be 3betting light here. If I flat I encourage other players to call. The short stack can't expect any FE.

    The next three hands are vs the same player. Generally chip leader. Raising very frequently. Probably 70%+ CO, 100% BU, 100% SB.

    10/25, 25 ante
    Playing 450k, bu has at least 1.2m and
    I call min raise in BB with Qd3d


    c/c 25k.


    c/ 75k bet.

    Feels like a hand where just about every option is bad. Maybe you could argue that I should just fold the flop. My impression is, that he's just barrelling everything. He's getting to the turn with a huge range and yet I still feel inclined to fold.

    3) Final Table 6 left I think.
    I've c 1.4m.
    I'm BB. SB opens min-raise. He covers.
    25/50, 50
    I call KcQs. I think I'm going to be in this spot a lot, so I'd rather flat hands and let him barrel.


    I call 75k


    He bets 150k

    Normally I would think this was a weird board to double barrel. Very few hands have been played post-flop. But my impression is his game plan is just to put everyone else under pressure. Part of me wants to just call, and close my eyes and call a shove on the river.


    50/100k. 5 left.
    I'm button.

    CO opens, I shove A4o.


    Very general. But situations at the middle stage of the tournament with middling stacks I find awkward. Like AJ/AQ in late position facing a single open raise, where the table has been playing preflop fairly straightforward. People are only really 3 betting for value, or where they feel someone is being exceptionally wide pre-flop. I feel like stacks are too short to call and play poker and we wouldn't get the equity of the hand. But if we're 4 bet we're generally crushed and probably need to fold. So essentially using the hands as blockers. Although obv not bad if we're folding out 88-10, AQ etc.

    FT 7 left. I've about 1.6m. Blinds are 40/80 I think at this point.
    Short stack shoves 160k HJ, folded to me on the button with AJo
    Avg is about 1.3m.
    SB 700k
    BB covers me.
    SB is relatively tight. And bb has been playing snug. I don't think he'll put me under pressure for having a capped range. I'm wary of shoving and running into a hand in the BB. But, I also would like to iso.

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    1. I think it’s a standard enough 3b here. Yeah it’s strong but I guess you should have only have a strong range which has a 3b/f range. AQo mixing, AJs as a fold etc

    The argument for flatting of course is the shorty jamming and UTG isolating.
    Also, I think competent players tend to cb more frequently post flop as players in your spot will overfold so gives more merit to a flat. That said I probably go ahead and 3b.

    2. Looks good as played unless you feel they don’t cbet with enough of their range? I definitely way overfolded these flops and probably still do tbh.

    3. I think you played this well too, tbh, I think it’s standard enough. Good call on flop and c/f with no heart.

    4. That’s too wide. It’s probably about about A9o+ here tbh. Had something similar recently and 4max with 5 bbs on btn from CO open was A10+

    5. I’ve definitely been too passive in the past, flatting far too much in spot you’re talking about but I think you should be mixing in some 3bs. I think a decent line is flatting more suited broadway IP and 3b the offsuits from the EP opens.


      What's your holding in hand 6 or are you just going with ATC?


        Ah, mistake. Ajo.


          My 2 cents for what it's worth
          1) fine
          2) Think there is merit to folding pre here. You are playing 18 bigs. I think the flop call is fine as could hit your 2-pair, trips or hit a K, 10, 8 for more outs.
          3) raise flop maybe?
          4) with 4 bigs not much you can do. i guess you know you are going to be called though from the opener. could take a chance and hope for a hand before bb returns to you
          6) think you need to isolate. 350k or so. allows you to get out of dodge if bb shoves. obviously sb gives you a decision


            Hand 1: RR to 130k. Get it in on flop if called
            Hand 2: Fold pre. No good news on playing the streets unless you trip/two pair up V aggro chip leader
            Hand 3: Tricky: too many chips to jam pre: RR to 6 BB pre. Think you have to fold as played with ICM implications
            Hand 4: Fine imo
            Hand 5: Cant see a hand?
            Hand 6: I jam (if a bigger hand behind UL)