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    Minimum Bet or Raise

    I've just had a discussion with the dealers of a local casino about minimum bet & raise rules.

    e.g at 100/200, Player A makes it 600, what is the minimum Player B can make it??

    1000 or 1200??

    I know that anytime I have ever played (quite a lot online, less so live) the answer is 1000.

    I was told in this casino the minimum would be 1200, strange but fair enough.

    I was then told that this is the norm throughout the world.

    I know for a fact this is not the norm for tournaments but is it for Cash games?

    Is this a live poker thing?

    This really has me confused.

    Depends on the casino. Different rules. Some are double the last bet and some is incriment raise so double the diffenece.


      When i started playing poker in 2005, it was double the last bet (so 1200), but almost everywhere in the world has been double the last raise (so 1000) for a long time. Some places are still stuck in the stone age though.


        What rule is used in the cash games at Irish festivals and the WSOP?