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Learning Resources for Mixed Games

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    Learning Resources for Mixed Games

    Writing this cause someone asked in my WCOOP selling thread for a list of learning resources for 8 Game Mix. I think its a really good idea for a thread so if anyone has anything to contribute fire ahead, my list is a bit limited. Not including No Limit Hold'em for obvious reasons. As a general rule Cardrunners and Deuces Cracked are the 2 biggest training sites out there so naturally they have the biggest 'other games' libraries of videos.

    Pot Limit Omaha
    - Jeff Hwang's books are the best resource IMO, particularly his 'Advanced PLO' book.
    - Theres over 100 vids on Cardrunners on PLO now, Brian Hastings are the best of the bunch.
    - Again a ton of PLO vids on Deuces Cracked, havn't watched most of them so i can't say who's are the best
    - I have heard from a few people now that Blue Fire Poker has some of the best PLO vids online, purely because you get to rail someone as good as Phil Galfond.

    Limit Hold'em
    - Mike Schnieders vids on CR are the best IMO, really like DeathDonkeys vids on DC as well.
    - Jennifer Harman's section in Super/System 2 is decent if not a bit limited.

    2-7 Triple Draw Lowball
    - This thread right here > is the best thing you can use to learn TDL once you have the basics, put it in your favourites and read it every time you play, you won't go far wrong.
    - Lee Prztyula's videos on CR are good for beginners, they do have some mistakes and some small bits of bad advice in them though.
    - Negreanu's TDL section in Super/System 2 is again good for beginners but has 1 or 2 shocking bits of advice in it. Worth a read but don't use it as a bible.
    - DeathDonkey's and Vingcent's videos on DC are the best videos out there but some of the advice will go over your head unless you have been playing for a while.

    7-Card Stud
    -My favourite resource for stud is Chip Resse's section in the original Super/System.
    -There are a few vids on CR and DC, i havn't watched most of the DC ones but some CR's arn't great TBH. (I did most of my learning in this game by playing)

    7-Card Stud 8/Better
    - Joe Talls DC vids are the best IMO, the other DC vids are good as well.
    - CR vids mainly done by Chips-Ahoya are good but i found hard to listen to sometimes, something to do with his voice but IDK. He has a great 3-part series dealing with the basics though.
    - Todd Brunson's section in Super/System 2 is good but is the type of thing i had to reread a few times before it sank in.

    - The Razz section of 'Slansky on Poker' is the best resource IMO, the original Super/System's section on it is also good.
    - Dr Razz's vids on CR are good.

    Limit Omaha 8/Better
    - By far the hardest game to get good info on as alot of the books out there deal with PLO8 which is a completly different game.
    - Mark Gregorich/Bobby Baldwins section in Super/System 2 is OK but basic but it deals with PLO8 more than LO8.
    - CR vids are ok but not great, havn't watched most DC vids yet but they have been good from what i have seen.
    - I have been reading posts on 2+2 and that has helped me alot.

    Overall Mixed Games
    - The best video series dealing with mixed games is Report Card on DC.
    - Cardrunners mixed games videos are a bit of a joke TBH, they don't have an instructor apart from Nicolac and maybe Jackal who can play all the games well and if they do, they still give some bad advice in their vids.

    Probably forgot a ton but meh, this is all just based on my opinion obv. Have fun.
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    Nice post, sticky please mods


      Good write up!

      For LHE, would start by reading Winning in tough holdem games instead, very good book, even at this stage


        Lads I play quite alot of PLO8 tournaments on stars and have been relatively successfull but want to move up stakes has anyone read ''Pot Limit Omaha 8 Expanded Edition'' by Dan Deppen or know if it is any good, thanks in advance.


          DC is >>>> CR and really the only thing you need. I wouldn't bother with books because the advice in them is generally so antiquated.

          I'd recommend starting with these series':

          Triple the Gold: 2-7 Triple Draw by Death Donkey.

          A Nightmare on 7th Street: Joe Tall on Stud games.

          All Mixed Up: A series featuring Joe Tall and some guests playing Stud, Stud hi lo, Razz and Omaha hi lo.

          From a Donk to a Stud by Joe Tall and Danzasmack.

          Luck of the Draw: Fixed limit and pot limit 5-card draw, 2-7 single draw, Badugi.

          Report Cards: Danzasmack plus guests.


            I just saw this and wanted to add that I do fairly cheap coaching for small stakes 2-7TD. I also wrote the article that Daragh posted in OP. If anyone wants more info you can PM me


              Originally posted by Tremolo1 View Post
              Nice post, sticky please mods
              Missed the thread earlier.

              Stuck now. Nice stuff Darragh


                Nice post Darragh. And i agree with touting super system for the obscure games. It's very dated in hold'em PLO, but its great palce to earn the basics.

                I think I might buy it again.


                  Have been looking to add some other variants and found this. Savage posts!

                  Cheers guys