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2.50/5 Zoom hand

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    2.50/5 Zoom hand


    I played this hand yesterday and thought it was really interesting with multiple decision points on a number of streets despite not being particularly deepstacked:

    I'm UTG 4 handed with 10c 9c 9s 6s and playing $600 (the whole table covers me).
    I limp, button limps, SB (good regular) pots to 25, BB folds, and we both call.

    Pot $80
    Flop: Ac 10s 7c

    SB leads for 39, we call, button folds.

    Pot €158
    Turn Ac 10s 7c 2s

    SB leads for pot (158), we call.

    Pot $474 - we have 378 behind.
    River Ac 10s 7c 2s 9d

    SB checks, we?

    I think I fold the turn.

    As played, hard not to go broke on that river.
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      4 handed I dont think folding the turn is ever correct. Even with just 2 clean outs to the nuts.

      River is a great spot for him to check his entire range and bluffcatch as essentially every draw missed. For that reason I think betting is very close but I'd be surprised if the maths didnt tell you it's a check.