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Live Fitz Hand 5/10/20 4 Handed

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    Live Fitz Hand 5/10/20 4 Handed


    It's been quite a while since I last posted here but would really appreciate your thoughts on this hand.

    Game is 5/10/20 live in the fitz playing 4 handed. It's about 6am.

    Button raise to 50 (playing 5k)
    Hero SB calls 50 A 5 3 2 (playing 8k)
    BB calls 50 (playing 2k)
    villain raise to 250 (playing 11k)
    Button Calls
    Hero Calls
    Straddle Calls

    Flop 10 5 3

    Hero checks,
    BB checks,
    villain bets 225
    Button folds
    Hero??? Assuming raise and call, what's the plan for the rest of the hand?

    Important information to the hand
    1. villain mostly has a premium hand when he 3-bets pre. AKQJ, AAxx, KKxx, J1098
    2. villain likes to bluff in position and is not afraid to fire big
    3. Most of the time I can dismiss the BB as he would have reraised pre or just shoved the flop if he had anything
    4. Post flop villain will generally bet close to pot with strong hands and strong combo draws. Smaller bets sizes can mean anything apart from that.
    5. When I've shown aggression in pots vs villain, he has shut down a lot against me by checking behind later streets. Reason been I have a history of check raising him on the turn and river and he's had to let hands go
    6. Villain only runs it once

    Out of position I think this is a fold preflop, your hand basically never makes the nuts and you are going to end up with a lot of 2nd best straights, wraps and flush draws. The fact its double suited makes it look strong but deep its going to be a very tricky hand to play. It could be a good 3bet candidate but you don't really want to see a flop 4 ways. You wouldn't go far wrong basically never flatting the sb with this blind structure as you have two people behind you who can squeeze and put you in a very bad situation, as well as the the other normal drawbacks the sb has.

    I think on the flop you should raise. You have absolutely smashed the board, you have about 50/60% equity 4ways against reasonable ranges; but the board is very dynamic, you are out of position and all of your outs bar clubs (which are very visible) are not to the nuts. You really want to reduce the the stack to pot ratio and get it heads up.

    If you call you are going to end up in absolutely crazy spots later in the hand.

    I'd pot it and then pot most turns.