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Omaha Hi. Best line with a flopped wrap.

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    Omaha Hi. Best line with a flopped wrap.

    1c/2c Omaha Hi.

    Mine - $11.14
    Villain (SB) $5.29

    History. I'm only 12 hands in (sat in with $2) and have had 2 full houses beat lesser full houses, and won 3 more without a showdown. I've obviously been very active.
    The villain has only shown down twice. One hand was Kings up with a flush draw on the turn. Other was double suited rags that were checked down.

    I have 6 7 4 8

    I limp UTG+1 and call BBs pot bet. (He's done this several times and check folded the flop)

    5 4 2 flop (5 players)
    SB bets pot, BB folds, I call and cutoff calls

    3 to the turn J

    SB pots again.

    I've 13 outs (3s, 6s, 7s, 8s)

    Based on his aggression in this hand, I've put this guy on a set. He's shown down with top 2 and flush draw where he checked and bet half the pot. This is the fastest he's played since I sat in. A big PP isn't out of the question either.

    So I'm looking at calling $2.40 to win $4.68. Am I right in saying that I need to be getting 3 to 1 to call here? His river bet, which I absolutely expect, will be his last $2.17
    Should I be taking the $2.17 into account when I make a call here which would give me the correct odds to call?
    After the hand I thought that maybe I should re-raise on the flop and turn given my hand strength and the effective stack. Would that be the right play?

    I should add that I rarely play cash games, and usually only play NLH SnGs, so preserving the stack is usually a consideration. I understand that cash games should be considered one long game which is different to how I play tournaments but I wasn't thinking that way during this hand.


    Is this 6max or 9handed? Either way I don't like your open limp preflop, either raise or fold. On the turn given the implied odds its a call, you need 33% equity to call, and you have about 27%. He doesn't need to commit his last two dollars very often to make it profitable.

    When the SB fires the flop, he almost always will have a hand that won't fold to any action. If the BB fires the flop, a raise is much more reasonable because his range contains a lot of overpairs/air (as he raised preflop), that should fold and have bad equity against your hand anyway (since you have a wrap and a pair). However since its the sb firing the flop he has a hand he won't fold, so there is little point in raising. Another advantage of calling is you may get calls from behind with a lot worse hands than yours.

    I would think he never has a lone overpair here, although I don't know what these games are like.