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Posting hands for maximum feedback

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    Posting hands for maximum feedback

    Thanks to RB for putting the huge majority of post together:

    Posting hands for maximum feedback

    1: One hand per thread
    Posting one hand for discussion per thread will ensure that hand gets the focus aimed for, along with keeps the thread on one topic and clutter free. Exceptions can be made where you've a few hands you want to discuss that involve the same player/villain or that run on a similar theme.

    2: Convert all online hands
    - Converting your hands makes them easy to read and will display all the relevant information regarding action, stack sizes, bet sizes etc.

    FlopTurnRiver Converter - Supports PokerStars, FullTilt Poker and Party Poker
    *Under "Format" please use FlopTurnRiver, as it will display the card graphics here on Boards.

    LeggoPoker Converter - again under Format choose FlopTurnRiver.

    Talking Poker Ipoker Hand Converter - Supports all Ipoker skins Converter - Supports almost all sites. Same format of output as above (FlopTurnRiver)

    3: For live hands, please post all details in an easy to read format making sure to include all relevant information (in addition to the points contained in 4 below):

    Relevant information includes (but not limited to):

    Relevant Positions of Hero and Villains;
    Stack Sizes;
    Any history or reads between the players;
    Action that has taken place thus far, upto the point where you want discussion on; Include action on all previous streets;
    Be as accurate as you can be.


    ~$20,000t (Me - UTG+1)
    ~$15,000t (Villain1 - CO)
    ~$7,000 t (Villain2 - BTN)

    Blinds 100/200

    I've AKs
    I open to 500, folds to Villain1 who raises to 1300, Villain2 goes all in for 7,000, folds back to me..action?

    4: Try to include as much relevant information as possible
    - If you have stats on the player, such as VPIP/PFR/AF/any other stats relevant (such as 3-bet% when dealing in with a hand thats been 3-bet)
    -If you've history directly with the player, if he's 3-bet you before and shown down something marginal etc
    -How you have been playing, your perceived image at the table, the villains image
    -What your own thoughts on the hand/his range/etc are.

    5: When posting a hand, try to not post the results or insinutate the result of the hand in your language
    -To make sure the advice you are given is completely unbiased,try to ensure that you don't give away the result of the hand.
    An example of this would be "Easy fold, right?" as the title
    -Of course, posting the actual results will not receive unbiased advice.

    On that note, when discussing hands, try to not be result orientated i.e just because you won the hand, does not mean you played it perfectly and you should be open to suggestions on how you could have played it better and not shoot them down immediately.

    Some links for people to read for more advice about how to post Hand's for maximum benefit: (thanks for Redjoker for providing these)

    General 6max strategy – Fuzzbox and others.
    Low stakes guide – phantom_lord
    A few observations – Gholimoli
    Continuation betting – ianmc38
    Small pocket pairs - NickyOD

    Changes – opr
    Timing Tells and Observation – Requiem4adream
    Think – zuutroy
    You don’t think enough – TommyGunne

    Overestimating Implied Odds – RedJoker
    Commitment - Mellor and RedJoker
    Basic Poker Maths - RedJoker

    Bankroll Management
    Bankroll building – pok3rplaya
    Bankroll Management – pok3rplaya

    Guide to PokerTracker and PAHud – RedJoker
    W$WSF – RedJoker

    3betting and 4betting
    Calling 3bets – robinlacey
    3betting light – Various
    4-betting – Van Dice
    A3o on the button – Various
    Logical steps and adjustments when 3-betting and 4-betting – NickyOD and others.
    QQ button on Blind hand – Various
    Squeeze with KQ – Various
    3betting a Loose Opener – Theresalwaysone and others.

    Video Training Sites – RedJoker and others.


      PL, maybe throw up a general hand discussion thread for hands that are not noteworthy enought for their own thread?
      "We are not Europeans. Those people on the continent are freaks."


        Thought I'd add this...

        Here's a quick guide for anyone having difficulties converting a hand using FlopTurnRiver...

        Red arrow: After you have copied the full hand history you must paste it in this box here.

        Green arrow: Before you convert the hand you must click this box if you wish for the outcome to be displayed but when posting a hand for analysis it's best to leave it unclicked as knowing the result can alter perspectives and responses.

        Blue arrow: Now click the "Convert Hand" button.

        Purple arrow: The converted hand history(HH) should now appear in the box titled "Output". Simply copy the HH and paste it when posting your hand. Occasionally it will take a little while to convert as the site gets a lot of traffic...there are other converters on different sites but it should convert after a little wait.

        Quickest way for copying and pasting is to use the keyboard. To select all click Ctrl+A; to copy the highlighted text press Ctrl+C; and to paste the copied text press Ctrl+V. If your not comfy with that then just stick to what ya know.

        Thread Titles: I think people should add more detail in the thread title. All that's required is to mention what form of poker it is(MTT; SnG; Cash etc), what stakes and a brief description of the subject at hand.
        Eg: "200NL: 4bet pot BvB"; "KQo, $3.30 MTT/near the money"

        Mods, If ya don't think this post is necessary then delete at will!
        It's all an illusion