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    Who shows first here?

    Hi all. Bit of a strange one from a pub game last week. I'm guessing the answer is obvious, but just looking for confirmation.

    Just the small blind and big blind involved in the hand.

    SB checks on the flop. BB also checks.

    Turn comes. SB checks. BB bets. SB calls.

    River. SB checks. BB also checks.

    SB, presuming he's beaten, now refuses to show his hand. Insists that the last aggressor has to show first, and that the last aggressor is the BB due to the bet on the turn.

    Everyone's a bit bemused. BB shows his hand anyway. SB mucks without showing at all. Says he's not giving away information on what he played, without anybody paying for that info.

    Still, surely since it was the river, he checked first, and there was only a check behind him, he's supposed to show first anyway?

    Yes. It's last aggressor unless it's checked down on river, then it's clockwise starting with SB.


      Originally posted by Tar.Aldarion View Post
      Yes. It's last aggressor unless it's checked down on river, then it's clockwise starting with SB.
      Depends on where you are.

      They recently brought this in to Fitz cash games. It is last aggressor regardless of river action so in the case above the BB has to show.


        I hate furtive no show assholes. Almost as much as i hate people who get up off their seat when all in pre flop before flop and start putting on their jacket to leave.


          There are two different rules for this situation, so it could be either. Ask whomever very is charge what ruleset they are using.


            TDA rules say if the river is checked it's left of the button to show first so in this instance it's the SB

            Some places and tournaments(like JP's) have a house rule that it's last aggressor even on previous streets.

            Last aggressor is better IMO but doesnt matter as long as it's consistent.
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