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Paddy Power Poker August Promos - €20K GTD Minimum Series

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    Paddy Power Poker August Promos - €20K GTD Minimum Series

    Hey all

    We've got some good promos happening throughout August with a minimum €20K tourney series and we are also launching some leaderboards! Check out the promos for August:

    1. €20K European Goal Cup (3rd – 24th August)
    • We’re putting up €20K in guarantees for the return of the Champions League & Europa League! At the end of each round in both competitions there will be a tournament with a nominated game but there’s a twist…
    • For every goal scored in the nominated game we are increasing the guarantees by up to €500 per goal! Top 3 places in each tourney will also win entry into the next round of tournaments! Satellites are running from 3rd August at €1 into the Last 16 tourneys.
    • You can work your way up from the satellite through the rounds right to the final.
    • We’re also rewarding the top 3 players in the Champions League series and the Top 3 Players in the Europa League series! Player of the Series will win a €200 Token into the €5,000 GTD Titan where the winner usually takes €2,000!
    Champions League
    Date Time Round GTD Fixture GTD Increase per goal Buy-in
    24/08/20 8pm Final €7500 PSG v Bayern €500 €50
    20/08/20 8.30pm Semi Final €4000 Bayern v Lyon €400 €30
    16/08/20 8pm Quarter Final €2000 Barca v Bayern €300 €20
    09/08/20 8pm Last 16 €1000 Man City v Real Madrid €200 €10
    Europa League
    Date Time Round GTD Fixture GTD Increase per goal Buy-in
    22/08/20 8pm Final €3000 Sevilla v Inter €300 €30
    20/08/20 7pm Semi Final €2000 Sevilla v Man Utd €200 €20
    12/08/20 7.30pm Quarter Final €1000 Man Utd v Copehagen €150 €10
    07/08/20 7.30pm Last 16 €500 Man Utd v LASK €100 €5
    2. MTT Player of the Month (1st – 31st August)
    • We’ve revamped our Player of the Month and we’re now rewarding the MVPs of our MTTs!
    • There will be at least 1 x tournament per night where you can earn points on the leaderboard with a mix of rebuy, re-entry and bounty tourneys! These will be clearly marked in the tourney lobby. Only your top 10 results will count towards the leaderboard.
    • Finish in the top 25 and you’ll gain exclusive entry into the Player of the Month showdown freeroll with €500 GTD! This takes place on the 1st Thursday of the following month!
    Position Prize
    1 €200 Titan Token + €100 Tourney Token + PP Poker Merch
    2 €200 Titan Token
    3 €100 Tourney Token
    4 €50 Tourney Token
    5 €20 Tourney Token
    • Players will earn points using this formula: 2 * √n / √fp
    • where n = number of players, fp = Finishing position
    • This formula is the fairest scoring system as it is based on your finishing position and the number of players that were in the tournament regardless of the buy in cost!

    3. Cash Games Leaderboards (Every Thursday – Wednesday)
    • 3 Weekly Cash games leaderboards for players with all levels of bankroll!
    • We’re paying out €1,250 every week in cash prizes!
    There are 3 levels of leaderboards, so you can compete regardless of your buy in level:
    1. Low
    Blinds - €0.01/€0.02 & €0.02/€0.04
    2. Mid
    Blinds – €0.05/€0.10, €0.10/€0.20 & €0.25/€0.50
    3. High
    Blinds - €0.50/€1 & above

    4. Sit & Go Weekly Leaderboards (Every Thursday – Wednesday)
    • 3 Weekly Sit & Go leaderboards for every level of buy in!
    • There are 80 places being paid every week with rewards being paid in cash and SNG tickets.
    • There are 3 levels of leaderboards: Low (Below €5), Mid (€5 - €20) & High (30 - €100).
    • Points will be awarded based on position, number of players & cost of buy in: 2* [√n/√fp] * [1+log (buy-in+0.25)]
    • Where, n = Number of players, Buy-in = cost of tourney buy-in, fp = finishing position
    5. €1K ADDED Friday Night Lights
    • Friday Night Lights continues tonight. We add €1000 to the prizepool every Friday night.
    • Buy in: €20
    • Tourney starts at 8pm.
    • Satellites happening throughout the week!
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    Hey guys

    We are giving away a few €30 tickets for tomorrows Europa League Final tourney and some new PP Poker merch! Check out our Twitter for details PaddyPowerPoker

    We hope you'r enjoying the €20K Euro Goal Cup! We've added over €6000 to the guarantees so far and hopefully more to come with the 2 Finals this weekend!


      Hey all,

      The €8,000 GTD Champions League Final kicks off at 8pm tonight. There's still time to satellite for just €5 at 6pm.

      Good luck to anyone getting involved this evening.