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D1 Casino September 2015 Poker Festival

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    D1 Casino September 2015 Poker Festival

    D1 Casino Poker Festival

    Wed 16th September Super Hold’em 3 Cards
    Buy-in €35
    Stack 10K
    Early Bird 3K/1K
    Start time 20.30

    Thursday 17th Mexican Rebuy
    Buy-in €20
    Stack 5K
    Early Bird 3K/1K
    Rebuys €10
    Top-up €10, €20, €30 your choice
    Start time 20.30

    Friday 18th Triple Chance
    Buy-in €60
    Stack 8K +8K+8K
    Early Bird 3K/1K
    Start time 20.30


    Sat 19th Cash league Final


    Sunday MEGA Hold’em
    Buy-in €75
    Stack 25K
    Early bird 5K/1K
    Start time 16.00


    Top 10 players who take part in the most tournaments at the D1 Club during the festival will go forward and play for a ticket for the IPO at the Regency in October worth approx €260, if more than 10 players have the same amount of tourney entries, a play off will decide the top 10.

    1. Who is running the event: D1 Casino Club
    2. The purpose of the event (charity, commercial etc.) Commercial
    3. Date and Location of event - Wednesday 16th September to Sunday 20th September 2015
    4. Registration and Start time of event. As per schedule
    5. Any prerequisites (member of club, society etc). Membership of the D1 Casino
    6. How can tickets be purchased & is there a maximum number (in advance, at the door etc.) In club
    7. Type of Tournament (Hold'em/Omaha etc Freezeout/Rebuy etc.) - as per schedule
    8. Cost of entry and any subsequent rebuys/top-ups etc. - as per schedule.
    9. Cost of registration - as per schedule
    10. % of entry fee/rebuys/top-up going into Prize fund - as per schedule
    10a. Is any money from the prize fund held back for future tournaments, if so, how much yes, €1 per player for the legends league
    11. Any guaranteed prize pool. N/A
    12. If applicable, Number of re-buys allowed and over what time frame/blind levels. - as per schedule.
    13. Starting Chips - as per schedule.
    14. Rebuy and Top-up chip amounts.- as per schedule.
    15. Blind levels- as per schedule.
    16. Blind timeframes- 20 mins except Sunday 30 mins
    17. Places being paid and if any prizes are other than cash (free entry to other tournie, merchandice etc) N/A
    18. Are there going to be dealers - and their level of skill –Yes, professional dealers.
    19. Will there be a documented list of rules – Yes, Robert’s rules of poker
    20. Is there a tournament director - yes
    21. How are disputes handled - who has final say. - TD
    22. Are there any cash games offered, if so, please outline the rake for each limit offered. 5%
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    Early Bird

    Please explain:
    3K / 1K
    5K / 1K
    Is it sit down before first card dealt / first level ??


      Hello Pat

      The big early bird chips are based on time, and not just the start of the tournament, these are given to people who have paid into the tournament by the time the tourney should start, which is usually 20.30 though on the Sunday it is 16.00.

      If you pay after the 20.30 or (on Sunday 16.00) you will receive the smaller early bird chips, and these will be given until the end of the first round.
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        Due to the All Ireland final being on the same day, we have moved the start time of the Sunday €75 tourney to 20.30
        Last edited by D1 Club; 13-09-15, 01:35.
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