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Guaranteeing tickets for the Irish Open

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    Guaranteeing tickets for the Irish Open

    Just looking for feedback on a proposal.

    Lets propose a sponsor is prepared to stump up de monies and guarantee 3 tickets for the IO. The tourny will be run in a club in town with either a €150 + €15 and a rebuy or top up of €150 or €200 + €20 and rebuy or top up of €150. Same structure as the Sporting Emporium satelites with 20 minute blinds extending to 25 minutes after the break etc etc etc.

    The sponsor is completely independant of any poker club and is prepared to risk the cost of the 3 tickets.

    1) What do people think is a fair price to pay the sponsor for the guarantee.

    2) Would a 3 ticket guarantee make you more inclined to play?

    3) Would people be prepared to pay the sponsor a % of any excess prize pool above the guarantee. e.g Prize pool = 3 tickets plus €2,000 excess. What % of the excess would go to the sponsor?

    4) Would people be only prepared to pay the reg fee for the guarantee of 3 tickets?

    Thoughts please

    i'd play if there was 3 seat gaurnteed...
    prefer a FO sat...
    if there was excess i'd rather it go towards a 4th seat
    dont mind paying reg fee