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€40,000 GTD Autumn Special - 4th-6th Oct - Green Isle Hotel - €150 Entry

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    €40,000 GTD Autumn Special - 4th-6th Oct - Green Isle Hotel - €150 Entry


    Friday 4th - Sunday 6th Oct 2019
    Green Isle Hotel

    €40,000 Guaranteed Main Event

    Fri 4th-Sun 6th Oct 2019
    €40,000 Guaranteed
    Buy-In: €150
    25,000 stack
    30 minute blind levels
    2K earlybird for 1 level
    Live Day 1A: Fri 4th Oct 6pm
    Live Day 1B: Sat 5th Oct 12 noon
    Live Day 1C: Sat 5th Oct 6pm


    Sunday 6th Oct 2019
    Progressive Knock-Out
    Buy-In €50 + €50 + €20
    Starts: 2pm

    To reserve a seat or for further information, please contact:
    Seamus - 0044 7811 207314
    Murt - 085 145 0014

    1. Who is running the event (organisation, society etc) – Northern Poker/Celtic Poker
    2. The purpose of the event (charity, commercial etc) - Commercial
    3. Date – Friday 4th Oct – Sun 6th Oct
    4. Location – Green Isle Hotel
    5. Any guaranteed prize pool – Main Event €40,000
    6. Registration and Start time of event – As above - Reg opens 1 hour pre-day 1 start time.
    7. Any prerequisites (member of club, society etc) – Members, join on day, ID required.
    8. How can tickets be purchased & is there a maximum number (in advance, at the door etc) – On the day at the event or from the contacts listed above
    9. Type of Tournament (Hold'em/Omaha etc Freezeout/Rebuy etc) – Hold Em
    10. Cost of entry - €150
    11. How much of the entry fee is made up of registration fee - €25
    12. If a rebuy, cost of rebuys/top-up – 1 Re-entry available for 8 levels at cost €150
    13. How many and what duration are rebuys available – 8 levels for re-entries
    14. % of entry fee/rebuys/top-up going into prize fund – 97%
    15. How many places being paid – Approx 10-12% of the field
    16. Is any money from the prize fund held back for future tournaments, if so, how much – 3% of all events go towards the Dealer’s tip pool
    17. Any tickets for future events given out as prizes. If so, how many – No
    18. Any additional prizes given out (merchandise etc) - No
    19. Starting chips – 25,000 - Full stacks on arrival up to end of level 8.
    20. Rebuy and top-up chip amounts – N/a
    21. Blind levels – Structure will be posted below
    22. Blind timeframes – 30 mins.
    23. Are there going to be dealers and their level of skill – Yes, professional
    24. Will there be a documented list of rules - Yes TDA
    25. Is there a tournament director - Yes
    26. How are disputes handled ; who has final say – Tournament Director.
    27. Are there any cash games offered, if so, please outline the rake for each limit offered – 5%, capped at €12
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    Bedroom Bookings are now open for this event.

    Single - €85
    Twin - €95
    Triple - €105
    All B&B

    Please PM here to reserve

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      Live Day 1A & 1C
      Start 6pm
      Late reg 11pm
      Dinner Break 8pm - 45 mins

      Live Day 1B
      Start 12noon
      Late reg 5pm
      Dinner break 4.15pm - 45 mins

      Day 2
      Starts 1pm
      Dinner Break 5.15pm - 45 mins


        Lots of interest in this one!

        Remember to book your room ASAP.

        Poker rate available above.


          Any chance of online day 1s for this?


            Originally posted by Irisheman View Post
            Any chance of online day 1s for this?
            No there are no Online Day 1s scheduled.


              Online Satellites for this event to be announced tomorrow‼️

              Have you reserved your bedroom?
              Please PM here to avail of the Poker Rate!

              Single €85
              Twin €95
              Triple €105


                ‼️Online Satellites‼️

                These are now available for the Autumn Special €40,000 GTD coming to the Green Isle Hotel from 4th-6th October 2019, on Betkings Poker!

                Feeder Satellites - $3 Entry
                Starting Daily at 7pm from Mon 16th Sept
                1 x $25 Main Satellite seat GTD

                Main Satellite - $25 Entry
                1 x €150 Main Event Entry
                Starting 9pm from:
                Thursday 19th Sept
                Sunday 22nd Sept
                Thursday 26th Sept
                Sunday 29th Sept

                ‼️PLEASE NOTE:
                Unfortunately, Betkings does not currently hold a licence for Northern Ireland so at the moment these satellites will only be available to Southern players.

                Further details to follow.


                  Satellites for this event start next Monday night, 16th Sept, on Betkings!

                  ▪️Mini feeders daily at 7pm - $3
                  ▫️1 x $25 Main Satellite Seat GTD

                  ▪️Main Satellite Thurs & Sun at 9pm - $25
                  ▫️1 x €150 Autumn Special Seat GTD

                  Register your Betkings account here:

                  Bedrooms at the Poker rate still available.
                  Please PM here to reserve
                  Single €85/ Twin €95/ Triple €105

                  *T&Cs apply
                  *Software does not run in Northern Ireland


                    Satellites are now available on Betkings Poker

                    Mini feeders running daily at 7pm
                    $3 entry - re-entries available
                    1 x $25 seat GTD

                    Main Satellites on Thurs and Sun at 9pm
                    $25 entry - re-entries available
                    1 x €150 Main Event Seat GTD

                    Have you reserved your bedroom?
                    €40,000 GTD
                    €150 entry
                    4th-6th Oct 2019
                    Green Isle Hotel Dublin
                    PM here for bedroom reservations


                      Win your seat in tomorrow's main Satellite (Thursday) in tonight's mini-feeder at 7pm for just $3 - these mini-feeders run daily on Betkings!

                      Main Satellites on Thurs and Sun at 9pm
                      $25 entry - re-entries available
                      1 x €150 Main Event Seat GTD



                        ▪️NO DEPOSIT REQUIRED - Mini-feeder Satellites for the Autumn Special take place on Betkings every day at 7pm and you can get a FREE feeder ticket if you join Betkings now by clicking here:

                        After you register, simply email with your Betkings nickname / table-name and Betkings will send you a free feeder ticket and instructions.

                        ▪️DEPOSIT / RELOAD
                        If you Deposit or Reload your account with €25 or more you can also claim an additional free live satellite package worth $12, no strings attached!

                        After your deposit simply email and tell us what free live satellite tickets you prefer in any combination to a maximum value of $12:

                        ▫️NP Autumn Special Feeder ($3 entry)
                        ▫️Macau Irish Classic Feeder ($8 entry)
                        ▫️Macau Irish Classic Mini ($1 entry)

                        More information can be seen here:


                          Win your seat to the €40,000 GTD Autumn Special tonight on Betkings at 9pm!

                          1 x €150 Main Event Seat GTD
                          $25 entry
                          Re-entries available
                          Min 4 players

                          Mini-feeder at 7pm - $3 Entry

                          Click here to join Betkings:

                          Satellite ticket promotion available to all new Betkings players - PM for further info!



                            Just over a week to go and you can win your ticket tomorrow night for FREE‼️

                            Win a $25 Entry for tomorrow nights 9pm Satellite on Betkings on the Celtic Poker Facebook Page, as well as lots of $3 mini-feeder tokens up for grabs!

                            €40,000 GTD - €150 Entry!
                            Green Isle Hotel, Dublin
                            PM here to reserve your bedroom at the Poker rate!


                              Tonight - 9pm Betkings

                              Win your €150 Main Event seat at the €40,000 GTD Autumn Special from 4th-6th Oct in Green Isle Hotel.

                              $25 entry
                              Re-entries available


                                The €40,000 GTD Autumn Special gets underway this Friday, 4th October, in the Green Isle Hotel, Dublin - Entry €150

                                Choose your Day 1 flight:
                                ▪️Friday 4th Oct - 6pm
                                ▪️Saturday 5th Oct - 12 noon
                                ▪️Saturday 5th Oct - 6pm
                                ◻️Day 2 - Sun 6th Oct - 1pm

                                Sunday Side Event - 1pm
                                Cash action throughout the weekend

                                PM here to reserve your bedroom at the poker rate - Single €85/ Twin €95/ Triple €105


                                  EDIT: Never mind figured it out
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                                    I tried registering for the satellite and it was looking for a password?? And now I've money loaded on the client. Can I register for day 1 through it?


                                      Originally posted by tglynn View Post
                                      I tried registering for the satellite and it was looking for a password?? And now I've money loaded on the client. Can I register for day 1 through it?
                                      PM sent


                                        Weekend plans underway?!

                                        €40,000 GTD for just €150 Entry in the Green Isle Hotel this weekend!

                                        Full details below!

                                        4 bedrooms remaining at the Poker Rate - PM here to reserve!


                                          The calm before the Storm! ����⛈��

                                          Day 1A of the €40,000 GTD Autumn Special kicks off tomorrow evening at 6pm in the Green Isle Hotel, Dublin, for just €150 Entry!

                                          25,000 stack - 30 min blinds
                                          All levels starting at 25/50
                                          Late registration available until 11pm!

                                          Juicy action GTD over the weekend!

                                          Further info here:


                                            Live Day 1A is underway in the Green Isle Hotel, with late registration available until 11pm.

                                            €40,000 GTD - €150 Entry
                                            Full 25,000 stack on arrival.

                                            Juicy cash action GTD


                                              Day 1B of the €40,000 GTD Autumn Special is underway in the Green Isle Hotel with over 100 players on the clock.

                                              Late registration for this flight is available until 5pm today!

                                              Live Day 1C kicks off at 6pm - with late registration until 11pm!

                                              €150 Entry
                                              30 min clock
                                              25,000 stack

                                              Cash action about to start also!

                                              Further info here:


                                                Main Event Results

                                                Main Event
                                                €40,000 GTD
                                                €150 Entry
                                                431 Entries


                                                  Side Event Results

                                                  Side Event
                                                  €120 Progressive Knock-Out
                                                  36 Entries


                                                    We had another fantastic turn out for the Autumn Special this weekend with 431 entries on the clock.

                                                    A huge thank you to all of our loyal Players for your support once again.

                                                    As always, thank you to the Dealers and Floor Staff who worked so hard over the weekend.

                                                    We are back with the €25,000 GTD Celtic Grand Final from 15th-17th November in the Green Isle Hotel. Bedroom bookings are now open! PM here to reserve
                                                    Single €85/ Twin €95/ Triple €105

                                                    €25,000 GTD
                                                    €250 Entry
                                                    40 min blinds
                                                    COMPLETE FREEZEOUT
                                                    30,000 stack