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Looking for Irish Cash Games Players Online

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  • Dave Morrison
    is it still relevant?

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  • Arazi
    Any relation to Huckleberry?

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  • Looking for Irish Cash Games Players Online

    Hi guys, hope its okay to post this here. I want to get to know more online cash game players based in Ireland or even live players who are may be interested in transiting to playing online etc. I want to make a group either on Skype/Discord. I play 50/100NL on Pokerstars and I am a consistent winner at them games.

    Its a lonely road playing online all the time and wanted to reach out to other cash game player who may be in the same place right now. Surely there has to be more online cash game players from Ireland than what I see in the Pokerstars lobbies or anywhere else for that matter. So if your interested please get in touch by adding me on Skype at alanfinnjunior or by replying below.


    Alan aka VCardKiller on Pokerstars