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    Staking company seeking players

    The company i am with BRS are looking for new players but would have to be proven winners. They are a great company to be with and really look after there players.

    If anyone is interested please send me any relevant links by pm and I will forward them on.

    Bankroll Supply is a highly professional company that offers online poker players to become the best they can be.

    The daily support giving is second to none and always a mentor at hand via Skype with weekly group sessions and in depth hand analysis. Any leaks in your game will be quickly spotted. Superb bankroll management so you feel comfortable at any level.

    If you are a serious player and thrive to keep progressing up in the ever adapting game then BRS is for you.

    Skype : simonleeriley8

    Get in touch today and start taking your game to the next level.

    Proven Sharkscope stats will be required.




      I was staked by you guys for a few months before back in 2012, made you an okay amount of money and messaged saying I had to stop playing for a while as didn't have the time.
      Was told to just message you when I was free to play again and I could start from where I was and then you replied saying no and never replied again. Don't think I ever got any of my rakeback either. Don't really care now, but just giving people a heads up of previous bad experiences
      Go big or go homeless.


        I was staked by them too and I think they are a very good company. I had a small little disagreement with the boss, coupled with a lack of commitment on my part and perhaps a little lack of flexibility on theirs(primarily my fault)
        I would stlli highly recommend them though, I know guys on here with similar bad experiences but also some with some great experiences with them. Alot of really good players and mentors and their system of coaching is quite imho.