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    Poker Analytics Giveaway

    Hey IPB,
    long time no see.
    I haven't posted for a while here...but I'm back with free codes for my tracking app!
    Poker Analytics is clearly one of the top poker tracking apps out there. It will help you track your session results, hands, and manage your bankroll, I bet you'll love it.
    Please understand that your sessions results are manually entered, so it's really targeted for live players, but if you play on a mobile device you should be pretty interested too!

    I'm glad to give IPB some free - though limited in time - access codes to distribute.
    To participate, just post a comment in this thread and I'll randomly select 5 lucky ones. I'll stop the contest tomorrow and will give you the results!

    To learn more about the app:


    Sorry for the spam, had an error when posted so I clicked again on post and created a second one...
    Please ignore this thread and reply in the one above....