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... Celebrity death pool 2023 ..

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    ... Celebrity death pool 2023 ..

    .. We go again with celebrity death pool- It was actually quite popular on this for a couple of years and last year was good craic for those involved.. It might not be for everyone, but it's not like it makes a difference to the world!... Would be good to get a good list of people involved... Rules.

    1. Pick 7 celebs/famous people, who you think will kick the bucket in 2023.
    2. You get points per age deducted from 100. If you pick a 94 year old who succumbs, you get 6 points- if you pick someone aged 100 or over, you get 0 points.
    3. Whoever has the most points at the end of year wins.
    4. In the event of tie break, whoever has the most picks who died wins. If still tied, split money.
    5. It's €25 per entrant, and the honor system applies. So if you don't win, pay at end of year- or else forever be shamed as a welcher.

    ... Thinking have all picks into me either here or PM by 21:00 25th January, and i'll post all of them then... If you get an entry in before that and they go before the 25th, I'll award the points so sooner you get them in the better...

    Will run again.
    I owe you 2022 winnings