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Microgaming sites not working- Windows 10 issues

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    Microgaming sites not working- Windows 10 issues

    So yesterday I got the following message on opening any of the Microgaming poker clients.

    "microgaming poker engine has stopped working" then the program crashes.

    I tried reinstalling the clients and even did a PC restore to last week when all worked ok, but the issue continued.

    I contacted Stan James tech help and the responded very quickly with the following information.
    We have identified the issue is with one of the Windows updates today, to resolve this issue, please follow these instructions. Go to Start Menu, Click on Settings, Then click on Update and Security. From there click on Advance Options and then in the Windows Update Tab click on View Update History. Go to Uninstall Updates and select Flash Security update KB3132372 to uninstall. Restart the Poker Software and the problem should be resolved.

    So I followed these instructions and it cured the issue. (I was on Windows 10)

    Maybe this may help any others who have come across this problem in the last day or so, but I was also wondering if deleting this Security Update creates any concerns from a general perspective.