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Music King Third Place Play-Off

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    Music King Third Place Play-Off

    To wrap up this Music King, we have a third-place play-off between Tar and Hj. Genre is Synth Pop. The round will stay open over the weekend until noon Monday.




    "I had a No 1 single with a song about a robot prostitute and no one knew"

    Tubeway Army - Are Friends Electric ?

    It's 4 am and you're in a packed kebab shop after the nightclub. What song will end up with the entire place raving on the tables within seconds?

    Bronski Beat - Smalltown Boy

    Three minutes of delicious infectious nonsense.

    Prince Rama - So Destroyed

    Nice one. Will get stuck into this later.




        Not sure why this hasn't gotten much interaction. Maybe the site issues have contributed.

        Hopefully my vote isn't the deciding one!

        Both Genre pics are excellent. I suppose the site has to go for the elder states man, Mr. G Numan on this one.

        Never been a big fan of Tool or any alternative metal TBH - gimme lots of other styles of metal no bother, hardcore punk and many other extreme forms of music but somehow I never quite grasped why anyone would want to be a slightly heavier version of Pearl Jam. Listening to it now it's not all bad but I still don't think I'd go see 'em if they were playing the local free festival.

        Bronski Beat on the other hand make me want to break out my falsetto and dance in a chip shop!

        Ryoksopp are grand like but a bit too 6Music, indie standard for me. Never heard of Prince Rama and it sounds sleazy, loose, psychedelic and might be about getting goat-weaseled i think so I like it a lot.

        3-0 win for Player 2.


          Player 2


            Player 1 by a hair


              Player 1 basically picked the same song 3 times
              Player 2 went safe...ish

              errrr......Player 2


                Nothing much here for me... when Smalltown boy is the clear winner from 6 tracks we are way below par.
                Turning millions into thousands


                  genre pick goes to P1 just about although both were great, but both general picks go to player 2



                    HJ takes it. That completes this competition, thanks for playing everyone!


                      GG! Mostly wanted to make people listen to tool and see would they spot the same singer is in the 1st and 3rd song. :P

                      Thanks for running Denny!

                      I never quite grasped why anyone would want to be a slightly heavier version of Pearl Jam
                      My god.


                        Player 2 by a country mile

                        sorry for lateness
                        People say I should be more humble I hope they understand, they don't listen when you mumble
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