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QF 1: Ska

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    QF 1: Ska

    Player 1

    No point going for something obscure in the ska genre. There are so many great classic tracks from the originators in the 1960s that none of your second or third wave ska will come nothing else will come close. Ultimately it was a toss up between two Toots and The Maytals tracks and this one won out, partly because of the juxtaposition between the much-sampled strolling bassline and the lyrical severity (police brutality). Long before punk, ska set the pace in biting social commentary.

    For my genre pick I opted for a simple, melodic, summery singalong track from ex-Go Between Robert Forster. He's an erudite songwriter and I love that a 62 year old can still write a pop track with a twist that captures a feeling so perfectly. Full of meaning about nothing with lots of quirky twists. They don't make too many of them like this anymore.

    Player 2

    Ska is a pretty niche genre and it will be hard to please many with it I imagine. I dont have a huge knowledge in the area but i know Derrick Morgan was the man and I have this track of his saved on a playlist

    For the generic pick I'm gonna go the complete opposite and go for some old school hip hop. A classic for any fans but possibly new to many others. Plus weekend is nearly here and this is a summery one. Lucky enough to have caught this one live 2 years ago. They still have it

    Great match up. Damn this is a tough one to judge.

    Adore both genre picks, am a big Toots fan and that's one of my favourite tracks of theirs. Had never heard that Derrick Morgan one before. Love the Ska sound so much, particularly the black ska sound. Some great white ska too, there was a mid nineties California wave of it that I was big into, Sublime and The Mephiskaphiles being two bands I mopped up. Nothing beats Jamaican ska though. Two fine picks with nothing between them.

    Loved both player picks too, had never heard either.

    I think I might just edge it to Player 1 for the quirky coolness of that Robert Forster song.

    Don't mind who wins this one though. Top stuff.
    I hold silver in tit for tat, and I love you for that


      I preferred Player 1's genre pick but preferred Player 2's non-genre pick by a healthy margin.

      It's a really tough one, but Player 1's genre pick is the only one getting added to my spotify library.

      Player 1 get's my vote.
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        Bought a go-betweens album back in the day, liked half the songs, went to see them live, liked half the songs...

        Apparently I liked the songs written by the other fella

        Been listening to Toots for as long as I can remember so have played them to death a bit

        Weak Derrick Morgan track imo but points for picking it.

        Love me some de la soul

        Another draw

        ...will listen again later
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          Player 2

          Bit disappointed with Genre picks tbh. Ska never left us . It's lurking .


            Agree with the lads that this is a tough one; just like Rufio, I preferred P1's genre pick and P2's general pick.

            I guess I will also somewhat reluctantly vote for Player 1 on the basis that given the format of this game, the genre pick is maybe a bit more important to a player's overall effort.


              definitely a tough one. going to give it to player 2 as that de la soul track brings back plenty of mellow memories


                I preferred both of player 2's picks.
                The genre pick is *really* fucking close though.
                If the wind was blowing another direction I could have went with Toots.

                That de la soul track though....
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                  Player 2

                  I enjoyed all of the songs on show here but player 2's slightly more. Actually going to download that de la soul album on the strength of that song, never really listened to them before.


                    Player 1


                      Liked Player 1's genre pick and Robert Forster track. Player 2's genre pick just didn't cut the mustard.
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                        Player 1 wouldn’t consider the second pick to be a pop song with a twist and probably happier for it.

                        Not much in it for the 2 ska picks and close overall


                          Player 2


                            Because of the coolness of the a la carte pick I’m going with:

                            PLAYER 1




                                Concede as I'm off to Barcelona for a week to listen to music. Gg
                                airport, lol


                                  player 2
                                  Turning millions into thousands


                                    Well done to BennyHiFi, 7:6 v Eamon


                                      Close game Eamo. Enjoy Sonar!