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    Cheers for the update Laz. GL. I'd find it hard to do a serious training regime this time of year I think.

    My own goal is much more modest but happy to report I smashed my January target of 100km by 1.5km

    Still somehow managed to put on a kilo despite eating a lot more fish and salads. I was down 1kg at one stage but somehow conspired to put two on!

    Onwards and upwards into spring now. The weather can be the main challenge this time of year. Inconsistent, but mostly wet and/or windy which is a real pain.


      Very slack on the cardio last few months. Maybe once a month 30mins or less on exercise bike at the gym.
      so commuted to lunchtime runs at work on Wednesdays. First week was last week. Everyone “forgot” except a leggy running mad girl from the team. I suggested a pace if 5mins, went out a little faster, slowed the average back on the last 2km

      5km in 25mins more or less exactly.

      First run on Strava since 2020. Should knock it down over time