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Correct ruling?

Scenario 1: A pot is won by a player.The next hand is well underway with significant action taken place(two folds) when it's realised that the pot should have been chopped.Both players have fully tabled their hands in sight of mutliple players and dealer and the dealer has incorrectly awarded the pot.Do or should the interests of fairness take precedence with a waiver allowed for the dealer error is it up to the player to correct the dealer and announce it's a chop?
*Side Note The player himself did not notice the error.A third player noticed it before the floor is called*

Scenario 2:A player raises UTG for 6.The button thows out 26 before the sb announces 15.Do you make the player call 6,make him call 26,all his options open(fold,call or raise) or make him put him put in 15 with an option to call the other 11.Which do you choose and why?
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Scenario 1: Two folds isn't significant action. The stacks haven't commenced a line of action that is affected by their stack size. That said, the hand is over at the first riffle. The two folds have no impact of the proceedings.
Technically the hand is over, and cannot be disputed. The player awarded the pot can pass over half the chips if he wishes, but he is not obliged to.

Scenario 2:
His 15 is in the pot and it can't have it back. As it's multi-way, he isn't committed to calling 26 (under-call rule). However, he doesn't get back his option to raise.
It's an imperfect situation, an there are issues with all "default" outcomes in this spot. But the above is the option that penalizes the player not paying attention in most situations.
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