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johny mc
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fitz ruling

I was wondering if anyone could give me advice on this . I was playing a tourny the blinds are 500/1000 there is a limp from early position I re raise from the cut off to 3k the small blind re raises to 6k and the limp goes all in for 7100 I call the flop and turn and river goes check check the small blind declares his hand as 88 the all in shove folds and I fold the dealer then declares it's a showdown. And flips over all cards . I waz shocked and annoyed that the table got all this in formation when we had both folded and the floor was called and ruled that it waz a showdown when I asked where they were getting there information. I was told it was in the house rules on inspection there was nothing that said anything about having to show your hand when you have folded . Usual stuff make up Ida rules quoted when asked to prove nothing shown to me.
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Think its standard these days. Same for stars and wsop events anyway.
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