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How bad was this call in Sunday Million??

Ok, not too proud of this one boys and girls....5 mins into anniversary donkfest and there's already been a few 8x 3 bets from late at my table (QQ,JJ...). So, hand 8, and after utg 2x the button, who has only voluntarily played one hand, repops to 6x. I'm in bb with KK. I repop to 12x etc etc and he ends up 6bet/shoving his full stack. Should I be able to get away from this? Could you? Is it just silly donkish lack of pot control on my behalf? Or maybe + EV in the long run?? Thanks in advance. (I had taken a shot at million twice before...First, nice 4 figure cash. Second, out on bubble...Just a wee bit of context for yis...).
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he had AA i take it but in these fests you take your chances a lot of the time your ahead here and sometimes you also hit .

myself im calling most of the time and all the big boys who i watch some times do as well
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That's a really tough spot. Given that it's 5 mins in, the fact he has only played one hand doesn't tell us that much. However, if he hasn't been a part of the donking and is 4-bet shoving, you have to make aces a huge part of his range.

Logic aside, no I don't think calling was a bad play. To quote Stapes: "you got kings brah!"

You just got dealt a game over basically. I don't think busting KK v AA is something you need to criticise yourself for. Not even the mighty PH can get away from it In all seriousness, he knows he's up against aces, but just can't lay it down - .

Your situation is more psychological than skill-related, so I wouldn't worry too much
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