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Originally Posted by Alanfox View Post
Jesus, he called a shove with Kings up ? Ummm, wow...
Well if you see the way the hand played out KK calling here is ok.
Every draw missed and the chances of some donkey having a 3 are rare.
I think every set gets it in on the turn here or flop.
On river villain is betting for value.
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With no suits this is snap fold pre flop , if it was double suited you could consider 3b pre to get it HU as it plays better in a HU pot and plays really bad multi-way.

The J on the turn makes your turn call really bad there are higher straight draw out there. There can never be enough said about drawing to the nuts in PLO. It's something you hear in every PLO strat book/article or w/e for a reason. You make you're money in PLO by drawing to the nuts and having the bigger straights or bigger flushes and playing a solid pre flop starting hand game goes a long way to achieving this.

As played sigh call river too many draws missed and he can be block betting worse.
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fold pre.
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