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Ace is good
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Was playing in the Fitz Sunday night and a hand i'm not involved in goes as follows. 3 way hand with decent sized pot and a flop of 6 6 A. First player shoves all in and player 2 starts to think. Meanwhile player 3 starts to shove out of turn but stops and holds his chips in his hands over the line without dropping them and stares at player 2. Eventually player 2 folds and player 3 shoves. Player 1 has 6 5 versus Player 3 A K. Player 2 tells me he had a 'decent ace'. We were playing pretty shallow at this point so a decent ace is potentially callable.

I got quite annoyed at Player 3's antics as I feel it is a form of angleshooting and cost potential value for Player 1. However nothing was really said about it and I didnt feel comfortable raising the issue as Player 3 lost anyway, is a well known regular (hence I think he knew what he was doing all along including the out of turn) and I wasn't in the hand.

My question is am I being too moany getting annoyed and should just accept this happens live or should this sort of thing be a warning?
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We had a very similiar hand on our table at the weekend with Paul Carr and NewApproach from here. We get to the river with Paul Carr shoving first to act. Conor is tanking and thinking about calling when the third player in the hand counts out Paul Carr's stack and holds it in his hand. Paul gets a little annoyed at this especially after Conor ends up folding his hand. The other player ended up calling and Paul scooped but he felt there was an opportunity for a treble up and the third player may have cost him that. The guy seemed quite inexperience tbf but there any ruling that could be put in place for something like this?
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