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Originally Posted by DeadParrot View Post
What's your plan for the turn?
the 9 is a sick card, I'd be check calling
I don't get this line at all. If you check call 200 on the turn, the pot is going to be massive meaning calling and folding bad rivers is going to be a massive spew. When the pot becomes so big on an action board you need to protect your hand more than you need to worry about controlling the pot size as it's already big enough where stacks will go in on later streets. You also want to maximize the amount you win when your hand is ahead of undersets or big draws.
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hand 1.

I thought this was a pretty clear case of bet the turn and get it in if he raises. if he flats the turn we're prepared to check/call a very high precentage of the time on the river also.

Personally i dont think we can presume villain is going to bet the turn with a very high frequency (since the 9 will have hit our flop c/r-range alot also) so we dont have much choice but to bet both for value and protection on this turn.

And surely pot control should be the last thing on our minds since we have huge redraws if indeed villain has binked a str8 on the turn. Most of the rest of the time we have him in pretty bad shape. ching ching.

caveat: i am crap at HUPLO

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