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Originally Posted by Teddie View Post
What's a general warm-up routine then? I know I'm meant to move up weight once I hit it but until my form gets better I think it's safer to just stick to 50kgs for the moment. Also one of the reasons I did 5x5 was because it allows more reps and hence more practice but I suppose I could just do that with warm-ups.
I try to include as much dynamic movement in my warm-up as possible. giving a bit of extra attention to my main lift that day.

For deadlifts day it might be:
Foam roll quads, hips, calves.
Thoracic (upper back) stretch over roller
Ankle wall stretch
Fire hydrants
Mountain climbers
Leg raises/front kicks

At least that what it should be when I don't rush.
DeFranco recommends something similar, DeFranco's Agile 8

From there, I work from and empty bar to the work set. So;
20kg x 5 (stiff leg or romanian deadlift)
40kg x 5
50kg x 5 x 3

So 5x3 is still 5 sets total. If the work set was over 100kg, there would be more warm up sets making it 7 or 8 total.

From what you describe, it sounds like its a flex/mobility issue. It's definitely a good idea correct this before you push the load upwards. However, if plates you are using to make up 50kg are smaller than 20kg plates you could be making it harder for yourself as the bar is lower with smaller plates.

Really stretch and warm up before the nest set, and it 50kg feel better then I'd try move to 60kg and practice there, as thats the correct deadlift height.
If you are using full sized 10kg/15kg then you can ignore comments about bar height.
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