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Bringing the Mac
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2018 Summer Leaderboard (May-July 31st)

Summer Leaderboard (May 1st - July 31st) - FINAL Standings (Top 100)

1Janos Jeszek1555PPGP2MammothDungarvan*
2Richie O Neill1150MammHRMammothIPS TippNorthern
3Alex Irwin1065Fitz FesPPGP2MammHR*
4Padraig Parkinson980Fitz FesNorthernFitz June*
5Vytautas Aganauskas893Fitz FesMammothNorthern*
6Darren Millar882MammothIPS Tipp**
7Tomas Nowak870PPGP2Mammoth**
8Luis Schneider863PPGP2MammothPPGPG*
9Vitalijs Polukejevs835Fitz FesFitz MayMammoth*
10Karol Wojciechowski811PPGP2Mammoth**
11Darren Wilson810PPGP2Northern**
12Andrew Doona773PPGP2PPGPG**
13Michael Graydon735PPGPGFitz JulyNorthern*
14Val McMenemy725Fitz FesPPGP2**
15Paul Hanna720PPGP2PPGPGIPS Tipp*
16John Harkin700PPGP2***
17Dale Rimmer700Mammoth***
18Neil O Reilly690MammHRFitz June**
19John Hanaphy680PPGP2MammothIPS Tipp*
20Jude Ainsworth655PPGP2PPGPG**
21Scott Gray649Fitz FesMammothFitz June*
22Dara Fitzgerald640Fitz FesFitz May**
23Sammy O Brien636PPGP2IPS TippNorthern*
24Robbie McCormack623PPGP2Mammoth**
25Eugene Barbaros600PPGP2***
26Andrew Grimason600MammHR***
27Luigi Corsetti600Mammoth***
28Sean Connolly600PPGPG***
29Mark Spelman589MammothGalwayIPS Tipp*
30Ferdia O Connell580PPGP2MammothPPGPG*
31James Daly579Fitz FesPPGP2**
32Thomas McCaul575Mammoth***
33Michael Mazilu560MammHRFitz July**
34Reg Rowan555MammothNorthern**
35Andy Black550Fitz Fes***
36John O Shea550MammHR***
37Colm Hanlon550Mammoth***
38Dermot Malone525PPGP2***
39Mark Gibson525Mammoth***
40Lee Egan516MammHRMammoth**
41John Volgeaar500PPGP2***
42Steven Foster500Mammoth***
43Ronan Gilligan500PPGPG***
44Stephen Malone480MammHRMammoth**
45Kevin Hannon479PPGP2PPGPG**
46Laszlo Lamos475Fitz Fes***
47Fergal Coyle461MammHRMammoth**
48Mark Fanning455PPGP2***
49Tomas Murnikas455MammHRMammoth**
50Declan Barker455Mammoth***
51Ray Masters454PPGP2Mammoth**
52Yue Wang453PPGP2MammHR**
53Sean Byrne446MammothIPS Tipp**
54Tim Timotheou435PPGP2***
55Paul Feldstein435Mammoth***
56Patrick O Malley425PPGPG***
57John Keown425Fitz FesIPS TippDungarvan*
58Benjamin Reeves Smith423PPGP2MammothPPGPG*
59John Clarke415PPGP2***
60Liam Fox415Mammoth***
61Gary Stokes410PPGP2Mammoth**
62Tommy O Rourke406PPGP2MammothIPS Tipp*
63Jim Ringland401PPGP2IPS Tipp**
64Nicholas Morrison400Fitz Fes***
65Simon Kerrigan400PPGPG***
66Andrew Sweeney400Fitz June***
67Donal Mooney400Fitz July***
68Darren Whelan395PPGP2***
69Jamie Earl395MammothPPGPG**
70Thomas Kane380Fitz Fes***
71Paul Quinn380MammHR***
72Stefano Bellsario380PPGP2Mammoth**
73Derek McMahon380PPGPG***
74Colm Faulkner375PPGP2***
75Gerry McArdle375Mammoth***
76Sean Foley369PPGP2MammHR**
77Mustafa Gultekin369MammHRMammoth**
78William O Neill368Fitz MayMammoth**
79Peter Huszti360PPGPG***
80Peter Searle355PPGP2***
81David O Connell350IPS Tipp***
82Tomas Saltonas350Fitz July***
83Harry Evans350Northern***
84Shane Keary340PPGPG***
85Constantin Bucur335PPGP2***
86Willow Connolly331PPGP2PPGPG**
87Pablo Mollina329PPGP2IPS Tipp**
88Gerry Hegarty326PPGP2Mammoth**
89Ivan Tononi320Fitz Fes***
90Michael Cooney320MammHR***
91Stanislac Savinsky318PPGP2Mammoth**
92Francis Carbin315PPGP2***
93Fergal Farrelly315Mammoth***
94Patrick Bueno300Fitz Fes***
95Ankit Ahuja300Fitz May***
96Chris Dowling300MammHR***
97Ovidiu Ciurdarean300Fitz June***
98Frank Hughes295PPGP2***
99Paul Lenfestey288PPGP2Northern**
100Patrick Clarke284PPGP2Mammoth**

Seasonal Leaderboards (Spring Jan-Apr, Summer May-July, Autumn Aug-Oct, Winter Nov-Jan)

1st: 500 UK Tour Package
2nd-5th: 100 Supernova Seats*
6 other players randomly selected from the Top 50 each season will win 100 Supernova Seats*

*The Supernova is Unibet Pokers 100 buyin (20k GTD) game every Sunday online at Unibet Poker.

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