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Bringing the Mac
Join Date: Jan 2010
Posts: 11,828
2018 Autumn Leaderboard (Aug-31st Oct)

Autumn Leaderboard - FINAL STANDINGS (Top 100) @ 31/10/2018

1James O Brien1820Fitz AugWPOAutumnMacauIPO HR*
2Karol Wojciechowski1673PS MegaWPOAutumn***
3Sam Baneham1623PS MegaMoneymkrWPOPPME**
4Vytautas Aganauskas1286PP FinaleWPO MSFitz Sep30/30-7IPOIPO HR
5Richie O Neill1189Fitz AugWPOPP MEIPO**
6Andrew Dooley1121WPOIPO****
7Gary Stokes1080PS MegaAutumn30/30-7***
8Vitalijs Polukejevs1075PS MegaIPO****
9Tom Dunne1054PS MegaPP MEAutumn***
10Alex Kulev1010Fitz AugPP MEIPO***
11Cathal Shine1001PS MegaWPO WUPP ME***
12John McGill950PP ME*****
13Luis Schneider915PS MegaWPO WUFitz Sep30/30-7**
14Shaun Hegerty900PP ME*****
15Jason Tompkins894PS MegaWPO WUWPOPP ME**
16Mick McCloskey893PP MEIPO****
17Michal Plichta850PP ME*****
18Dermot Blain800PP ME*****
19Joseph McKeown800IPO*****
20Keith Brennan790Fitz AugWPO MS****
21Gabor Csire777WPOIPO****
22Paul Hanna772PS MegaMoneymkrFitz Sep***
23Kevin Shanks754PP MEWPO****
24Dara O Kearney750PP HR*****
25George Stoddart750PP ME*****
26Tony Cooney725PP ME*****
27Joseph Carey702PP ME30/30-7IPO***
28Sammy O Brien700IPO*****
29Mario Galic690Fitz AugWPO****
30Patrick Malone686WPO MSIPO****
31Bogdanmarian Bucur685PS MegaMoneymkr****
32Simon Keating650IPO*****
33Dean Gavin625PP ME*****
34Colm Chan602PS MegaFitz SepIPO***
35Timotheos Timoteau601Moneymkr30/30-7****
36Chris Hutton600PP ME*****
37Mark Bamber600PS Mega30/30-7****
38Paul Leckey596WPOIPO HR****
39Craig Burke587PP MEMacau****
40Noel Fitzsimmons580PS MegaIPO****
41Dave Masters576PS MegaWPO WUFitz Oct***
42Marc MacDonnell575WPO*****
43Edward Fitzpatrick57030/30-7IPOIPO HR***
44Remus Matache569PS MegaIPO****
45Rytis Rudzinskas550Moneymkr*****
46Carl Cullen550PP Finale*****
47Paul Murnin 55030/30-7*****
48Patrick Oliver550IPO*****
49Johnathen McCullagh545PS Mega30/30-7****
50Stephen Lennon540PS MegaPP Finale****
51Thomas Kane538PP MEIPO****
52Jay O Toole530PP MEWPO ****
53Willow Connolly514PS MegaPP MEIPO***
54Michael Graydon500PS Mega*****
55Niall Fitzgerald500PP Finale*****
56Paul Soucaliuc50030/30-7*****
57Thomas Fitzgerald480PP PLOPPME30/30-7***
58Timmy O Sullivan480PP FinaleMacau****
59Mark Buckley477WPO WUWPO****
60Santiago Munoz475Moneymkr*****
61Mark Fanning475PP Finale*****
62Tadhg Ryan475PP ME*****
63Max Silver475WPO HR*****
64Dan Lewis 47530/30-7*****
65Gerard Hickey475IPO HR*****
66Greg King460Fitz SepAutumn****
67Patrick Sheridan455IPO*****
68Niall O Connor450PS Mega*****
69Zsolt Ronkovacs450Moneymkr*****
70Eoin Moriarty450PP Finale*****
71Colette Manley45030/30-7*****
72Robert Jameson443Moneymkr30/30-7****
73Declan Rice435IPO*****
74Gareth McMahon432WPOIPO****
75Gerry Griffen425PP Finale*****
76Kealan Kiely425PP ME*****
77David Crilly411PP PLOWPO MS****
78Stephen O Brien400PS Mega*****
79Daly Tobin400Moneymkr*****
80Sean Conroy400PP PLO*****
81John Enright400PP ME*****
82Gerald McCaffrey400Autumn*****
83Palagic Radu Angel40030/30-7*****
84Ranjan400Fitz Oct*****
85Tomas Saltonas400IPO HR*****
86Shawn Morales386PS MegaPP FinaleFitz Sep***
87Sean O Reilly385PS MegaPP PLO****
88David Doyle380Moneymkr*****
89James Lynch380PP Finale*****
90Romanas Rimkus380WPO WU*****
91Gary Satelle380IPO HR*****
92Yu Hua Feng370PP ME*****
93David O Kelly367PS MegaPP FinaleWPO***
94John Keown365WPOAutumn****
95Jason Keating365Moneymkr30/30-7****
96Jimmy Carroll360Moneymkr*****
97Peter Trimble36030/30-7*****
98John Farrell360IPO HR*****
99John Collins358PS Mega30/30-7****
100Giulliana Olivera355PP LadiesPP ME****
101Robert Hogan355Fitz SepIPO****
102Stephen Ward355IPO*****

Seasonal Leaderboards (Spring Jan-Apr, Summer May-July, Autumn Aug-Oct, Winter Nov-Jan)

1st: 500 UK Tour Package
2nd-5th: 100 Supernova Seats*
6 other players randomly selected from the Top 50 each season will win 100 Supernova Seats*

*The Supernova is Unibet Pokers 100 buyin (20k GTD) game every Sunday online at Unibet Poker.

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Bringing the Mac
Join Date: Jan 2010
Posts: 11,828
Autumn Leaderboard completed as above.

1) James O Brien (500 Unibet UK Tour Package)
2) Karol Wojciechowski (100 Supernova Ticket)
3) Sam Baneham (100 Supernova Ticket)
4) Vytautas Aganauskas (100 Supernova Ticket)
5) Richie O Neill (100 Supernova Ticket)

Another 6 x 100 Unibet Supernova tickets will be randomly allocated to players in the Top 50 in a draw to be performed by Unibet Ambassador David Lappin during the week. Keep an eye on Twitter or here for results....

Prize winners need to contact myself or David by 30/09/18 to allocate prizes to their Unibet account.
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Bringing the Mac
Join Date: Jan 2010
Posts: 11,828
Six additional winners of 100 Supernova tickets as drawn randomly from Top 50 -

Keith Brennan
Jason Tompkins
Cathal Shine
Andrew Dooley
Stephen Lennon
Shaun Hegerty

You can contact myself or David Lappin to have any of the above prizes creditied to your Unibet account by 30/11/18.
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