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Poker Coaching

Hey guys,
I've decided that I'd like to take poker more seriously. I'm not a good player at the moment, I learn well when taught. I'm looking for a coach in Dublin. Any recommendations? Thanks
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Originally Posted by smileyjam View Post
Hey guys,
I've decided that I'd like to take poker more seriously. I'm not a good player at the moment, I learn well when taught. I'm looking for a coach in Dublin. Any recommendations? Thanks
a personal coach would be insane to be honest just way too much would be usefull but not unless you are willing to spend at least 50/hr.(thats way the cheapest ive seen)
sign up to runitonce watch a ton of videos then ask questions on a forum or the pro making the video will answer your questions.
or if money is no object then knock yourself santy...doke? try different ones see who you like.
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yeah, look at training sites first.

Dont even know which ones there are anymore, but they're a pretty good way to get into training/coaching
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training sites are meh tbh, and a waste of money for the actual content you will get. most just churn out terrible video after terrible video with the odd good video thrown in here and there.

In saying that so many coaches are over charging for what you are receiving also, just because their results are good doesnt mean that translates to them being a good coach. would recommend looking for someone who coaches with a math based/analyzing stats base/pio solver base approach, over someone who advertises "$50 an hour for hh review".

coaches i would suggest would be expensive enough apestyles/sam greenwood/bencb all charging 250+ and the rest per hour though.You get great quality coaching for those prices though, majority(not all) charging $100 and below you wont get the same quality coaching imo.

EDIT: also if you arent doing any work on your game yourself then no matter who is coaching you, you will just be lighting money on fire by paying for these coaches.
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Thanks From:
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But its only dollars, right?
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A few years ago when I started coaching, primarily to guys I staked, it tended to work like this. We had hand history review sessions, the other stakers and I would debate any unclear spots, and if there was consensus assume we were correct and relay that information to the coached player. If there wasn't consensus I tried polling the views of better players outside the group.

Then the software tools arrived and more and more spots could be solved exactly. Most of the time, the solution corresponded with our intuition or that of better players, but occasionally not. Two concrete examples: defending the big blind super wide and limping the small blind used to be considered fish plays, but have now been shown to be optimal more often than not. So more and more the process became just feeding the hand into HRC or Pio Solver. Then at some point I thought why not just show the students how to do this and take me out of the equation altogether. This is what I now try to do as quickly as possible with players I coach (I don't stake any more but do get approached a lot by players willing to pay for my time), which means most players I coach only need to hire me for 2 to 3 hours, which is fine by me. I'm not in the business of dragging things out longer than needed.

This is true for the technical aspect of the game and my advice to anyone trying to improve is just learn how to use the tools and do the legwork yourself. It's not as much fun as talking to a coach or watching endless training videos but it is a lot more efficient and cost effective. The tools have made it easier to get technically good at poker than ever before, as they can provide correct exact solutions of most spots rather than the best educated guesses of expert human, gathered through trial and error but subject to all the cognitive biases we humans are subject to. The best thing a coach can do for you in this area is point you in the direction of the best tools, show you how to use them, point you in the right direction as to what areas to look at specifically, and let you off.

Most of the students I coach on an ongoing basis (past the "here's the tools and how to use them") are full time players who need help in other non technical areas, like mindset, bankroll management, game selection and other work habits. I also coach quite a few online players trying to adjust to playing live (specifically on the adjustments that need to be made and how to look for and interpret additional info available in the live area).

I agree that most training videos are not worth even the time needed to watch them. I know a few players who provide them and privately they admit that they are going through the motions and deliberately withholding the best information as the sites don't pay well enough to make it worthwhile to reveal the best information. A few years ago I was asked to make a video specifically on satellite strategy for one of the top sites: it never appeared because we couldn't agree a fee. I don't think I'm overly greedy but I also feel like I need to be adequately compensated if I'm going to divulge all I know (and I wasn't prepared to half ass it or hold stuff back) and in the process make the games I play harder. The amount I was offered for the video was exactly half of what two top mtt regs had paid for an hour of my time to grill me specifically on satellites. That seemed like proper compensation at the time, but looking back I actually regret accepting their offer. I'm pretty sure the Ev I lost in future satellites to those two players and their horses was several multiples of what they paid me.
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