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Full House re-raised

Seat 4 is the button
Total number of players : 7
Seat 1: ( $1,370 )
Seat 2: ( $1,895 )
Seat 4: ( $2,070 )
Seat 5: WALLACE ( $1,440 )
Seat 7: ( $3,990 )
Seat 9: VILLAIN ( $1,450 ) UTG
Seat 10: ( $1,285 )
WALLACE posts small blind [$10]
SEAT 7 posts big blind [$20]

Dealt to WALLACE [ 6c, 6s ]
VILLAIN raises [$60]

4 folds

WALLACE calls [$50]

SEAT 7 folds

** Dealing flop ** [ Kd, 9s, 9d ]

WALLACE checks
VILLAIN checks

** Dealing turn ** [ 6d ]

WALLACE bets [$70]
VILLAIN calls [$70]
** Dealing river ** [ 3s ]

WALLACE bets [$210]
VILLAIN raises [$420]

10 seconds later
WALLACE calls [$210]

VILLAIN shows [ Jd, Ad ]
WALLACE shows [ 6c, 6s ]
WALLACE collected [ $1,120 ]

I was basically set mining here, and obviously hadn't a clue of his holding. I didn't consider the flush at all with the board paired - call me tight but I never re-raise with a flush on a paired board (Is that bad?)
I was obviously concerned about pocket Kings as he played his hand pretty standard if he flopped a boat.

Am i a super nit and leaving money on the table in this situation given that I'm only beaten by 2 realistic holdings considering his UTG bet?

Any advice appreciated.

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Out of curiosity what game was it (i.e buyin/site/turbo?)

I mean if its a $2 game on Stars for example i might click back the NF in his shoes to try get value as a lot wouldn't exactly play optimally at that level & nearly all Kx/9x worse flushes will call.

With the sixes full I would 100% be trying to extract more river value here. When he makes it 420 there is 890 in the middle and you have 1100 behind so i probably get it in as re-raising again from your stack it looks super strong.

I do understand your nit thinking, especially as he is UTG and his flop check behind as well as his flat call on the turn & river re-raise. He has played it strangely.

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Sorry. I should have said. It's a $1 SNG on 888 with 8 minute levels.
So anything can happen
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You were being a super nit. Your main concern on that board should have been figuring out how to get as many chips as possible in the middle as you are ahead a huge % of the time here as there are very few hands that beat you., as I'm sure you're well aware. He could have had KK, but if he did, he did. All you can do is try and extract value from a strong hand where you are normally in great shape.
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