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Irish Poker Open
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Irish Poker Festival: Irish Open, Norwegians & partypoker Millions - 2017

Irish Poker Festival
Monday 27th March - Saturday 8th April
City West Hotel

Irish Open
€500,000 Guaranteed
Thursday 30th March - Monday 3rd April
Buy-in €1,150

partypoker Millions
£6,000,000 Guaranteed
Monday 27th March - Wednesday 29th March
Buy-in £550/£5,300

Norwegian Championships
Friday 31st March - Saurday 8th March

Hi All

Paul O’Reilly and JP McCann are happy to announce details of the Irish Poker Open 2017, which will take place from 27th March – 3rd April 2017 in the prestigious Citywest Hotel, Dublin. The buy-in for this event will remain at €1025 + €125 with €500,000 Guaranteed and the festival will once again feature a full schedule of side events and cash games to capture the imagination of poker players both recreational and professional.

Online satellites are now taking place on, and with a wide range of entry level amounts. Ipoker network wide satellites will be starting shortly.

“It is always exciting to launch the Irish Poker Open each year, and we hope to make the next one even bigger and better in 2017. We’ve made some slight changes to the schedule next year for logistical reasons and to ensure players can make the most of the facilities in Citywest Hotel. We were blown away by the support last year in the poker community and we continue to listen to all the feedback to ensure Europe’s oldest poker tournament remains the people’s tournament.”

The Irish Poker Open is the longest running No Limit Texas Hold'em poker festival in Europe and the second most historic in the world after the World Series of Poker, Las Vegas. First organized in 1981 by Terry Rogers, a well-known Irish bookmaker, the tournament is now world famous for its electric atmosphere, the famous poker faces that return every year, and the Irish craic had by all. The Irish Poker Open is unique in it's player experience due to a full live entertainment schedule to accompany the extensive poker schedule. The entertainment schedule will include live music, sumo wrestling and pool and beer pong competitions.

The big change this year is that the Irish Poker Open is not running across Easter weekend. The opportunity arose last year to merge the Irish Poker Open and Norgesmesterskapet i poker to create a bigger 18 day poker festival. The Burlington Hotel just wasn't big enough for what we have planned for the future of the event. In agreeing to move the Irish Poker Open to Citywest Hotel it came at the cost of not being able to host the 2017 Irish Poker Open on Easter weekend. However we have already put pen to paper to secure the long-term future of the event returning to the historic dates of Easter weekend from 2018.

Full details and schedule for the Irish Open 2017 can be found at:

In additional to the Irish Poker Open will also be hosting the partypoker Millions and the Norwegian Championships during the Irish Poker Festival.

The partypoker Millions has a massive £6,000,000 Guaranteed with a very affordable buy-in of £550 on Day 1 or £5,300 on Day 2.

The Norwegian Championships will be returning to Ireland for the sixth year in a row, and is the largest single nation poker event in the world with over 1200 players participating in their main event.

This year certainly will be going bigger and better.

The full schedule

Event #GameNMBuy-InRegStartClockChips
 Monday 27th March      
1Millions Day 1 Satellite £80£102pm155,000
2Millions Day 1 - £6,000,000 Guaranteed £550£502pm40100,000
3NLH Deepstack 6-Max €150 €20 6pm2020,000
4Irish Open Satellite - 5 Seats Guaranteed €80 €10 8pm203,000
 Tuesday 28th March      
5Millions Day 2 Satellite £800£302pm2010,000
6Millions Day 2 - £6,000,000 Gauranteed £5,300£3002pm601,000,000
7IO NLH 6-MaxYes€350 €35 4pm3030,000
8PLO Deepstack 6-Max €150 €20 6pm2020,000
9Irish Open Satellite - 5 Seat Guaranteed €80 €10 8pm203,000
 Wednesday 29th March      
10IO NLH Heads-Up (Capped 32) Round 1Yes€350 €35 1pm205,000*3
6Millions Day 3 - £6,000,000 Guaranteed   2pm  
10IO NLH Heads-Up (Capped 32) Round 2Yes  3pm  
11HighRoller 8-MaxYes€2,000 €60 4pm3030,000
10IO NLH Heads-Up (Capped 32) 1/4 FinalYes  5pm  
12IO PLO 6-Max Yes€350 €35 6pm3030,000
13NLH 6 Max Deepstack €150 €20 6pm2020,000
14Irish Open Satellite 10 Seat Guaranteed €110 €10 8pm203,000
 Thursday 30th March      
10IO NLH Heads-Up (Capped 32) Semi FinalYes  12pm  
10IO NLH Heads-Up (Capped 32) FinalYes     
15Irish Open Main Event Day 1A - €500,000 GuaranteedYes€1,150 €125 2pm6030,000
16NLH Turbo €60 €10 4pm155,000
17PLO 6 Max Deepstack €150 €20 6pm2020,000
18Irish Open Satellite - 20 Seats Guaranteed €110 €10 8pm203,000
 Friday 31st March      
15Irish Open Main Event Day 1B - €500,000 GuaranteedYes€1,150 €125 2pm6030,000
19NM Limit 6-MaxYes€500 €50 2pm3010,000
20ROE €150 €20 6pm2020,000
21NLH Deepstack Turbo €150 €20 8pm2020,000
 Saturday 1st April      
NM 1NM Heads-Up - Round 1Yes€1,100 €100 12pm205000 * 3
NM 1NM Heads-Up - Round 2Yes  2pm  
15Irish Open Main Event Day 2 - €500,000 GuaranteedYes  2pm  
22Mini Irish Open Day 1Yes€250 €25 2pm3015,000
NM 2NM Mixed 8 Game - Day 1Yes€1,100 €100 4pm4015,000
23JP Poker Masters Day 1 Yes€550 €50 6pm4030,000
24NLH DeepStack Turbo €150 €20 8pm1520,000
 Sunday 2nd April      
NM 1NM Heads-Up - Round 3Yes  12pm  
NM 1NM Heads-Up - 1/4 FinalYes  2pm  
15Irish Open Main Event Day 3 - €500,000 GuaranteedYes  2pm  
22Mini Irish Open Day 2Yes  2pm  
23JP Poker Masters - Final DayYes  2pm  
25Liam Flood Memerial 6 Max TurboYes€350 €30 2pm1530,000
NM 3NM Ladies Event - Day 1Yes€300 €30 3pm30/4020,000
NM 4NM Seniors - Day 1Yes€300€303pm30/4020,000
26IO NLH SeniorsYes€250 €25 5pm3015,000
27NLH Deepstack €150 €20 6pm2020,000
28PLO DeepStack Turbo €150 €20 8pm1520,000
 Monday 3rd April      
NM 1NM Heads-Up - Semi FinalYes  12pm  
NM 1NM Heads-Up - FinalYes  2pm  
15Irish Open Main Event Day 4 - €500,000 GuaranteedYes  2pm  
NM 3NM Ladies Event - Final DayYes€300 €30 2pm30/4020,000
NM 4NM Seniors - Final DayYes€300€302pm30/4020,000
NM 5NM PLO 6-Max Triple Chance -Day 1Yes€800 €80 2pm455,000 * 3
29NLH Deepstack Turbo €150 €20 2pm2020,000
30NLH 8-Max €350 €35 4pm3020,000
31PLO 8-Max €250 €25 6pm3010,000
32NLH Deepstack Turbo €150 €20 8pm1520,000
 Tuesday 4th April      
NM 6Norwegian Open - Day 1 AYes€800 €80 2pm6030,000
NM 2NM Mixed 8 Game - Final DayYes  2pm4015,000
33NM PLO 6-Max Triple Chance -Final DayYes  2pm455,000 * 3
34NLH DeepStack Turbo €150 €20 2pm1520,000
35NLH 8-Max €350 €35 4pm3020,000
36HighRoller PLO 8-Max €1,000€406pm2020,000
37NLH DeepStack Turbo €150 €20 8pm1520,000
 Wednesday 5th April      
NM 6Norwegian Open - Day 1 BYes€800 €80 2pm6030,000
38NLH 8-Max €350 €35 4pm3020,000
39PLO Hi/Low €150 €20 6pm2010,000
40NLH DeepStack Turbo €150 €20 8pm2020,000
41Higher Roller NLH Turbo €1,000 €40 8pm2020,000
 Thursday 6th April      
NM 6Norwegian Open Day 2Yes  2pm  
42NLH DeepStack Turbo €150 €20 2pm1520,000
43HighRoller NLH 8-Max €2,000 €60 4pm3030,000
44NLH 8-Max €350 €35 4pm3030,000
45Paradise Pick'em €150 €20 6pm2010,000
46NLH Shoot-Out Round 1 €150 €20 8pm207,500
47PLO DeepStack Turbo €150 €20 8pm1520,000
46NLH Shoot-Out Final    11pm  
 Friday 7th April      
NM 6Norwegian Open - Day 3Yes  2pm  
NM 7NM NLH 6-Max TurboYes€400 €30 2pm1530,000
48NLH - 8 Max €350 €35 4pm3020,000
49Binglao 6-Max €150 €20 6pm2010,000
50NLH Deepstack Turbo €150 €20 8pm1520,000
51Inbetweenies  €150 €20 8pm2010,000
 Saturday 8th April      
NM 6 Norwegian Open - Final Day   2pm  
52NLH Deepstack Turbo €150 €20 2pm1520,000
53PLO 6-Max €350 €35 4pm3020,000
54NLH VIP €100 TBC6pm2010,000
55Open Face Fantasy Chinese Poker 4 Max €150 €30 6pm2010,000
56NLH Deepstack Turbo €150 €20 6pm1520,000

Please note the partypoker Millions is subject to a 3% license fee, all other tournaments will be subject to a 2.5% staff deduction
€1,000,000 Guaranteed Irish Open
Monday 12th-Sunday 25th March, City West Hotel

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