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Interesting Poker After Dark Hands

Couple of fun spots from the Poker After Dark Cash Game involving Jungleman from the other night. Blinds are $300/600 and all players started with $200k. Other players at the table are Doug Polk, Ike Haxton and Jason Coon so there's no soft spots.

Matt Berkey ($215k) v Jungleman ($210k)

Folded around to Matt Berkey in the SB and he opens to $3k, Jungle makes it $10k with KK in BB. Berkey calls

Flop is 4 5 10 ($20,600)

Berkey checks, Jungle bets $7k, Berkey calls

Turn is J ($34,600)

Berkey checks, Jungle bets $34k and Berkey shoves. Jungleman goes into the tank... (~$160k to call)

Jungleman ($147k) v Brian Rast ($200k)

Jungleman raises to $1500 in MP, Rast calls on Button with 22

Flop is Q 8 2 ($4,500)

Jungle bets $1500, Rast makes it $6500, Jungle calls

Turn is Q ($17,500)

Jungle leads $3500, Rast calls $3500

River is A ($24,500)

Jungle leads $7k, Rast makes it $38k, Jungle shoves for $135k total. Rast goes into the tank...(~$97k to call)

Jungleman ($330k) v Matt Berkey ($330k)

The $1200 straddle is on this hand and Jungle opens UTG+1 to $3k, Rast calls $3k with 10s, Berkey calls in the straddle with Q5x

flop is Q97r ($10,500)

Berkey checks, Jungle bets $5k, Rast calls, Berkey makes it $25k, Jungle calls, Rast folds.

Turn is 6r ($65,500)

Berkey bets $30k, Jungle calls

River is 8x ($125k)

Berkey checks and Jungle bets $97k

Berkey goes into the tank...
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