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WARNING - All inter-member bets are at your own risk and IrishPokerBoards accept no responsibility. It is your reponsibility to ensure that the person you are gambling with is trustworthy.

I thought I'd post this up here even though I expect most will have the common sense to know the points within anyway. The level of betting in this forum has dropped a lot since its beginning, but there is no harm in having a warning thread anyway if anyone who is not familiar with how it works wants to drop in.

Making bets
1) Every bet you make on this forum is your own responsibility. IrishPokerBoards are not liable in any way for any bet made here.
2) Debts must be payed immediately unless notification of possible delay in paying was made and agreed in at the time of making the bet. Even at that, delays should be kept to less than 24 hours. Any abuse of this will lead to bans. Anyone paying late repeatedly will be banned. Named and shamed too obv.
2) If any member has any outstanding debts from betting in this forum, then they should not place any other bet here before it is settled. This is absolute common sense. If it comes to attention that anyone is doing this then there will be bans. The only way around this is if the money owed is on its way AND there is express permission from the person who the money is owed to.
3) Anyone welching on a bet will be named and shamed.
3) Use your own common sense. If you are betting with people who you do not know in real life, then there is always the added risk of that person welching on the bet. Thus you should take every precaution to limit your risk to any bet made here. Firstly, it is obviously best to bet with people you know, and are confident that they would have sufficient funds to cover their side of the bet. If there is any doubt over that, DO NOT BET. If you want to make the bet, and there is doubt in your mind that the other party may have sufficient funds, then you can always ask for an escrow (explained later.)
4) Be wary of people looking to do doubles or quits bets. This can be a sign that they may be getting themselves into a hole.
5) Do not be insulted if people don't want to take your bets. If people do not know you, they will be unlikely to take bets. If you feel the need, just offer escrow while offering your bet. Either that or your line is too optimistic!
6) Nobody is ever under any obligation to take a bet. Ensure that a bet is confirmed before the event as well. We don't want people claiming that they hadn't agreed to a bet. This can lead to messy situations.
7) If you are a new poster ,unknown, or have any doubts about having sufficient funds, do not be surprised if people are extremely wary of taking bets. You will likely not get any bet on without escrow. That is just common sense. Its not insulting.
8) Make sure to clarify the currency that the bet will be in, the odds you want, the side you want, the handicap (if applicable), and any other terms that may apply.

Basically, the bottom line is to be extremely careful. It is your own money, and this is the internet. It can get wild out there.

Escrows are a fancy term for sending money to another person before an event takes place. If you go into a bookies and place a bet there, you escrow your stake with them.

If there is any doubt that one party to a bet may be unable to source funds quickly enough to pay a bet, then it is usually wise to escrow the stakes. This can be done to either of the parties in a bet, or sometimes to respected and trusted third parties. Don't ever be offended if you are asked for escrow. It is exactly what would happen if you went into a bookies for your bet, and it is just common sense to do.

Moneybookers usually charges a small fee, so the most common places for escrows are poker rooms. Stars is by far the most commonly used one. Money is easily shipped, and no charges.
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