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Question triple chance PLO and NLH full stack?

Looking for credible reasons why I should or shouldn't take a full stack to the table in a double or triple chance PLO or NLH game, I know the obvious reasons for both sanarios ie bigger double ups and if unlucky extra chance to stay in etc etc. Percentage wise what is the right thing to do?
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The correct approach will depend on variables including:

Your edge [or lack thereof] over the table/field
Table dynamics
Strategy of other players
Blind levels/Tournament structure
Your bank roll & attitude to risk
Frequency of table changes/breaking
You motivation for playing - i.e. would you like more table time vs. a bigger chance of the outright win
Your playing background/style - i.e. how well do you play different stack sizes

A mistake many players make in these events is failing to either [A.] punt or [B.] put the additional lammers in play early on, so they effectively play the event as a starting stack + double top up, which is a massive mistake.

Many might prefer to take a few orbits to observe what is going on at the table, and then make a decision...

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Generally, if even 1 person buys in for the full stack, i will too. If everyone sits on their first stack, then i'll also do it but once someone doubles up, i'll grab another stack.

Omaha is a bit more 'gamble gamble' so you might fancy punting on a couple of draws early on knowing you have some stacks behind, and this is fine. It is a re-entry though, so i'd be more inclined to get the full stack (as above) and take some early gambles with 1st stack.
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Cheers lads
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