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Old 16-01-15, 22:41   #1
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River top two...get raised. 100NL

I've just won a decent size pot off seat 6 without showdown. Villain only at table a few orbits. Playing 20/14. Has not 3bet or made any aggressive plays up to this. Flop/turn sizing a bit small maybe? River..?

***** Hand History for Game 14344134525 *****
$0.50/$1 USD NL Texas Hold'em - Friday, January 16, 17:14:53 EST 2015
Seat 3 is the button
Total number of players : 4/6

Seat 2: hero( $216.47 USD )
Seat 3: Enyelwings81 ( $100 USD )
Seat 1: philong13 ( $72.09 USD )
Seat 6: semaj1111 ( $40.11 USD )

semaj1111 posts small blind [$0.50 USD].
philong13 posts big blind [$1 USD].

** Dealing down cards **

Dealt to hero [ As Qs ]

hero raises [$3 USD]
Enyelwings81 calls [$3 USD]
semaj1111 calls [$2.50 USD]
philong13 calls [$2 USD]

** Dealing Flop ** [ 5d, Jh, Ac ] {$11.50}

semaj1111 checks
philong13 checks
hero bets [$7 USD]
Enyelwings81 calls [$7 USD]
semaj1111 folds
philong13 folds

** Dealing Turn ** [ 3c ] {25.50}

hero bets [$15 USD]
Enyelwings81 calls [$15 USD]

** Dealing River ** [ Qc ] {55.50}

hero bets [$31 USD]
Enyelwings81 is all-In [$75 USD]
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Old 16-01-15, 23:03   #2
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I think bet fold is fine on this river.
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Old 16-01-15, 23:10   #3
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He can call pre flop pretty wide given his stats and positon but once he calls the cbet with two behind I'd expect him to have a hand.

Hand he probably calls the flop with AK but discounted because we'd expect a 3bet sometimes, A10, AJ, AQ, JJ, 55, K10 but discounted because there are two to act behind him.

When you bet the turn and he calls it narrows his range even further weighted to made hands and maybe K10c, a lot of his floaty hands and drawy hands are unlikely now really. (Id expect him to possibly shove K10c though sometimes).

River I probably would have check called depending on sizing. But as you are now you are getting 4/1(?) I guess the question is is he bluffing outright or has he turned his hand into a bluff enough to be profitable? I dont think he shoves over you with a worse two pair, and I dont think he is floating two streets to give you 4/1.

Absent reads that he can spazz out like this. Fold.

I have been out of the game for EVER so major caveat.
"The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity."
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Old 16-01-15, 23:12   #4
Grand High Wizard
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I'd station it and expect to be only behind to flopped set of 5s but I'm a station
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I hope they understand, they don't listen when you mumble
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Old 20-01-15, 20:04   #5
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in my opinion your ahead up to the river , unless he has either ajos, akos or pocket fives, and if he had akos he more then likely would of 3 bet your pre flop raise so i think you could rule them out, its a difficult one to call on the river tho, your afraid of k10 which is a hand he could easily have ,or a flush that was made on the river, i think a fold is okay and a call could be justifyed if you had more info on the player.
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Old 20-01-15, 21:09   #6
Fuzzy Logic
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I assume he is a reg as he has exactly $100 at the start of the hand so he must be auto-topping up?

The flop is pretty dry so he can float a ton in position and evaluate turn action, but not with 2 to act behind I think. I would only expect to see nutted hands which hope for a raise behind or hands that do not want to see a 3bet if he raises so JJ some % of the time, 55, A5, and Ax are his likely hands.

Turn is a blank imo so c/c'ing here makes sense given his position with all those hands and very few danger cards to worry about on the river. I think you have the possibility of more turned flush draws than he does fwiw.

River bet raise is never Ax and never a bluff so its $40 to win $200 and you beat A5 and AJ and lose to JJ and 55 (and some incredibly weirdly played AA). Seems like an easy call to me.

Caveat - I haven't played online cash properly in 2 years so the game could have easily moved on and floating KT facing a bet with 2 to act behind is now sooper standard...
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Old 21-01-15, 07:19   #7
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Sick hand.

I don't really like check calling the turn in general because it turns your hand face up to a certain extent, and makes it hard to barrel if you are routinely check calling strong one pair hands.

I have no idea how 100nl games are at the moment, without playing in the game I don't think anyone can give that good advice. That said I don't think anyone is raising A5 for value on the river, and I think shoving AQ is a bit thin so I think I'd lean towards a fold. If villain was seat 6 id insta call. Bare in mind you have shown a lot of strength and he is shoving giving you good odds where no draws have missed. If your folding AQ here it is pretty exploitable.

Just reread the hand and noticed it was 4 handed. You probably have to call then
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Old 21-01-15, 10:12   #8
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As played river is a fold but I'd never actually make it in a game, however I would have bet bigger on each street to be able to setup a river shove.
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Old 21-01-15, 11:39   #9
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Spots like this in cash are pretty easy to solve. Assuming you only bet AA,JJ,55, AJ, A5 and AQ for 3 streets. You have to call 44 into 161. So if you just call 72% of your combos it's unexploitable. So basically just have to call the offsuit AJ combos and better. Fold the suited.

Even if you only bet AJ+ you still should call with AQ.
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Old 25-01-15, 16:09   #10
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If villain is a reg could possibly shove AJ(after slow play) for value, if you've shown to be agressive. I'd imagine he has to raise the other two pair combos on flop or turn. Though spot but I'd probably call for a couple of reasons: first of all it's four handed which dramaticly increases the value shoving range of regs (assuming villain is a reg, as someone else said he's in auto top up so it's a safe(ish) assumption); secondly you are going to look very exploitable when you bet 3 streets and fold for 4/1, and in a four handed game exploitable spots are generally leapt upon. Although if your other opponents are very fishy and exploitable a fold could be justified as villains line is ridiculously strong and fishy players generally aren't taking notes on who folded in what spot with what odds.

Real though spot though, hard to say what I would actually do if i had benefit of playing in the game.
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Old 27-01-15, 21:30   #11
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I folded so don't know what he had. We played for an hour or so after. Given how he played after I doubt he was bluffing - but maybe shoved AQ? Doubt he shoved worse for value. Probably should have called though really
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Old 25-03-15, 14:36   #12
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- I can't put clubs in his range because the Ac is on the board and I don't expect him to pure float the flop much.
- I doubt he value shoves worse very often but I guess it could happen

I guess his range is

AA/33/55 - 7 combos
AQ - 4 combos
Rando 5xc, Jxc - 5 combos

We need to assign like ~4 combos of stuff we beat in order to make this a call given the odds we're getting.

Flip a coin IMO.

My flop and turn bets would be bigger than yours but I've no idea what's standard at 50/1 online these days.
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Old 29-03-15, 16:01   #13
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Originally Posted by Hectorjelly View Post
Just reread the hand and noticed it was 4 handed. You probably have to call then
How/why does this change your river decision?

I would have thought it to be pretty irrelevant post-flop.
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Old 16-04-15, 20:03   #14
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Given your getting 4/1 on your money i think your hand is too strong to fold, needing 20% equity to call i think its a call all day. Surely he three bets with aa and jj here a chunk pre flop and plays some hands that were beating like aj and maybe a5 suited (very rare obv) hands your loosing to are k10cc and 55. Can put in jj here too but half the time he probably three bets with it pre.
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Old 16-04-15, 20:50   #15
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I would have called.
I think he means 4 handed is looser.
He never has clubs
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