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JP Poker
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I've spoken to John about the new information, i.e. seat 2 putting all his chips into the pot.

Firstly let me say if this information was given on the day the original ruling would have stood.

As John has now explained to me Seat 2 put all his chips into the pot and only after the dealer brought it to his attention (i'm guessing when seat 3 BB folded and seat 2 went to take back the difference) that his chips had to stay in the pot as he was facing a 80k+ all-in.

When the first ruling was made seat 2 only had 2 x 5k chips in the pot. There was a lot of back and forth discussion between seat 2 and the dealer and due to the noise of other players in the room leaving for dinner break seat 9 didn't hear most of the conversation. Seat 9 said he didn't tell the TD at the time that seat 2 did in fact put all his chips into the pot as he thought the dealer was after saying it to the TD.

When the the situation was explained to me by both the TD and the Dealer I was only told seat 2 had put 2 x 5k chips into the pot. If this was situation the original ruling would have been wrong, as we didn't have the accepted action rule in place at the event and I would have overruled the 1st decision and I still stand by that as the wrong rule would have been made.

Seat 9 is also in agreement that if it was as simple as seat 2 putting 2 x 5k chips into the pot that he wouldn't expect him to have to call off all of his stack.

That said I do have to take responsibility for the wrong ruling been made as I normally get the players who are involved in the hand to acknowledge what I'm saying to be the correct, allowing for one final dispute before I make my final ruling.

I clearly either didn't do this or communicated it poorly to the effect that seat 9 didn't hear me explain the reason why I was overruling the original ruling.

For that I've apologized to John and offered him a small token as a gesture of goodwill.

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