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Question Some advice needed

Hello all,

Im looking for some advice in how to further improve my online MTT play. To give you a brief background on myself, I've been playing Holdem for a number of years now. At the beginning it was mainly for fun, and as most of us do, I became more and more interested in the game. My earlier years of learning were basically self-taught; I never read books, or used programmes such as holdem manager etc. It was probably ignorant of me but it just never really crossed my mind to do such a thing! I certainly never rejected the idea of using these methods. As the years went by I became a better player, eventually using holdem manager, tournament indicator etc, reading books such as the mental game of poker etc. I can certainly say I've improved since, but im struggling to make the step into more advanced plays.

Last year I had quite a bit of time to dedicate to my game which saw my biggest progression, and it was quite a profitable year for me, considering the amount of time I had to play etc. This year I havent had as much time to play, and only recently started getting the time to get back into it. I was rusty as hell but am starting to get back to form.

I never really used poker forums as a resource to further game. If im being honest it was probably cos I felt intimidated, or maybe too proud to be told that what im doing is stupid.

I feel I have the ability to learn further, but after playing this long, im not sure what the next step should be. I mean, its probably easier to give advice to someone whos only just started out playing the game or is in their first years.

I guess its time for me to be humble and accept advice, but im not sure what advice I should take on at this stage? I believe im good enough to learn advanced strategies but I always find myself jumping from one thing to the next without fully grasping a concept. I need structure! I find myself in tournaments getting beat by certain play by opponents, but cant figure out how to make a similar play!

From what ive said above, im sure some will still consider me a rookie, which is fair enough.

Im just looking for somebody to advise on how I can take that next step? Should I consider tutoring? Is it expensive? Any advice would be great.

Thanks folks

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