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Fridays at Ace of Clubs Poker Room, Belfast

Ace of Clubs Poker Room opened last week in Malone Rugby Club, Belfast.
35 Freezeout on every Friday night, our first game had 90 players and plenty of cash action all night

Ace of Clubs Poker Room
35 Freezeout
Every Friday - 8pm

Malone Rugby Club, Belfast

1. Who is running the event (organisation, society etc) - Ace of Clubs Poker Room
2. The purpose of the event (charity, commercial etc) - commercial
3. Date - Every Friday
4. Location - Malone Rugby Club, Belfast BT6 9GL
5. Any guaranteed prize pool - no
6. Registration and Start time of event - Reg 7:30pm, Game 8pm, Late Reg 10:20pm
7. Any prerequisites (member of club, society etc) - none
8. How can tickets be purchased & is there a maximum number (in advance, at the door etc) - Maximum 100 players plus alternates
9. Type of Tournament (Hold'em/Omaha etc Freezeout/Rebuy etc) - NLHE Freezeout
10. Cost of entry - 35
11. How much of the entry fee is made up of registration fee - 5
12. If a rebuy, cost of rebuys/top-up - n/a
13. How many and what duration are rebuys available - n/a
14. How long is late reg, and will you start with a full stack? Late reg until end of first break, 10:20pm. Full stack.
15. % of entry fee/rebuys/top-up going into prize fund - n/a
16. How many places being paid - 12.5-15% of the field
17. Is any money from the prize fund held back for future tournaments, if so, how much - n/a
18. Any tickets for future events given out as prizes. If so, how many - none
19. Any additional prizes given out (merchandise etc) - n/a
20. Starting chips - 14,000 with 2,000 Early Bird (1st Level Only)
21. Rebuy and top-up chip amounts - n/a
22. Blind levels -

23. Blind timeframes - 20 minutes
24. Are there going to be dealers and their level of skill - yes, highly skilled
25. Will there be a documented list of rules - yes, TDA rules
26. Is there a tournament director - yes, Desi Graham
27. How are disputes handled ; who has final say - TD
28. Are there any cash games offered, if so, please outline the rake for each limit offered - 1-2 NLHE and ROE, rake 5% capped at 3!
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76 players back for week 2, 1st place was guaranteed 1k, Gareth Roddy and Keith Walker split it heads up.
3 full cash games running all night, 2 nlhe and 1 round of each. First cash game kicked off at 8:30.
Tournament league will be starting soon.
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89 players back for week 4, plus 13 bikes. As there was quite a few players out on the same hand chasing the last buy-in, we ended up with 13 bikes in total. 10 bikes maximum, goes towards the league, the other 3 went to the prize pool for tonight.
League prize pool - 600

Results Friday 19th June -

(3 way deal in the end)
1st - robert white - 890 (points)
2nd - gareth caldwell - 801
3rd - billy mcombe - 712
4th - davy dunbar - 623
5th - mike graham - 534
6th - andy piggot - 445
7th - mark cobain - 356
8th - stevie nesbitt - 267
9th - jamie nicholl - 178
10th - mervyn armstrong - 89

Tournament League, running from 12th June to 25th September, will award a total of 3 packages to the UKIPT Main Event (770) Edinburgh.
One package awarded to the league winner, another for places 2-10 and also for places 11-40 to play off for.

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is this still running?
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