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Has he telegraphed his hand or is my fold too tight?

$22 tourney on Party Poker. Villain has a clear rejamming stack but decides to double the bet instead for about 1/3 his stack. I feel like this is QQ/KK/AA so often. Even if you include AK in his range this would be a clear fold. What do you guys think? Villain had been playing tight 19/19 and 3-betting 4% across about 100 hands.

partypoker - 700/1400 NL (8 max) - Holdem - 8 players
Hand converted by PokerTracker 4
***** Hand History for Game 16384280226 *****
NL Texas Hold'em $22 USD Buy-in Trny:144868083 Level:12 Blinds-Antes(700/1,400 -140) - Friday, August 25, 21:14:22 BST 2017
Table Middleweight. The Contender - $15K Gtd (144868083) Table #2 (Real Money)
Seat 4 is the button
Total number of players : 8/8
Seat 4: BabySharkl4 ( 40,391 )
Seat 6: CamilaKons ( 66,842 )
Seat 2: JIeXa1982 ( 18,611 )
Seat 8: KarmaBaby ( 29,597 )
Seat 7: MartsUrt ( 28,593 )
Seat 5: SinConexion ( 62,746 )
Seat 3: straightangel ( 20,163 )
Seat 1: x_mariukas_x ( 63,057 )
Trny:144868083 Level:12
Blinds-Antes(700/1,400 -140)
x_mariukas_x posts ante [140]
JIeXa1982 posts ante [140]
straightangel posts ante [140]
BabySharkl4 posts ante [140]
SinConexion posts ante [140]
CamilaKons posts ante [140]
MartsUrt posts ante [140]
KarmaBaby posts ante [140]
SinConexion posts small blind [700].
CamilaKons posts big blind [1,400].
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to KarmaBaby [ Js Jd ]
MartsUrt folds
KarmaBaby raises [3,300]
x_mariukas_x folds
JIeXa1982 folds
straightangel raises [6,600]
BabySharkl4 folds
SinConexion folds
CamilaKons folds
Your time bank will be activated in 6 secs. If you do not want it to be used, please act now.
KarmaBaby will be using their time bank for this hand.
KarmaBaby folds
straightangel does not show cards.
straightangel wins 13,120 chips
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Old 28-08-17, 13:03   #2
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You can be exploited too much by not getting it in here.

Yeah it can look strong but you've 21bbs facing a 3bet w jj.

Villain could have miss clicked for all we know!
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