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Definitely not in the hipster part of Brooklyn. Win.

Disappointing lack of wiseguys, pimps and rotund cops though so may have to jettison all stereotypes.
"We are not Europeans. Those people on the continent are freaks."
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Originally Posted by Hitchhiker's Guide To... View Post
Isn't it some some sort of US cop tv term?
It's a legal term. Commonly used when discussing execution/capital punishment but not isolated to that.
During an abortion referendum rabbithole last week I ended up reading about capital punishment in Ireland and it came up a lot.

In addition to the judicial executions, Free State troops conducted many extrajudicial killings of captured anti-Treaty fighters. From an early point in the war, from late August 1922 (coinciding with the onset of guerrilla warfare), there were many incidents of National Army troops killing prisoners.
The draft version of the 1922 Constitution of the Irish Free State included a ban on capital punishment, but the Dáil did not adopt this, so the relevant British laws continued in force. The death penalty was retained because of the outbreak of the 1922–3 Civil War. As well as the existing British laws, the "Special Powers Act" (actually a resolution rather than an act) was passed by the Third Dáil on 26 September 1922 authorising military tribunals to impose death sentences on the anti-Treaty forces. During the Civil War the Free State government executed 81 captured anti-Treaty fighters by firing squad, as well as ordering extra-judicial killings.
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