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Originally Posted by Strewelpeter View Post
Infuriating that so much of the great tracks he plays are from the ECM label who are too far up their own arses to do a deal with spotify
Ah here... so wanting to have some control over the distribution of your own product is being up your own arse now?

Spotify is a tasteless, lazyman's all you can eat corporate buffet commodifying music (which is sometimes but not always art).

Not all artists want to reach the widest possible audience. Some just want to create art.

If that's being up your own arse then there are plenty of artists who just want to show off and will find all the audience they need on Spotify.

You can buy their CDs on their website and maybe, y'know, meaningfully support the artists instead of throwing $0.0006 into their hat as you pass by en route to somewhere else.
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sp loves trump really

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