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Wife booked us into Forest and Marcy for the anniversary tonight. Walked in and was a bit sketchy that it was all high stools and we were seated at the counter. Food was great though, way above expectations. Major miss with the wine though. Saw a 2005 Bordeaux in their 'cabinet' section that looked great value (ie much less than the usual restaurant 3x markup on shop prices) and as we go out so rarely I said feck it we'll give it a go. We're subsequently presented with the 2015 which sells for half the price. I brought it to the waiter's attention and he's like 'oh I never noticed that on the menu, it's a mistake'. If I wasn't the meekest fucker in the world when it comes to confrontation I would have made something of it as they basically conned me out of €30 or so.
Anyway, good food if your back can stick 2 hours on a stool.
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